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Fake Positivity isn’t Manifesting

By March 29, 2021June 9th, 2021Manifesting

I was recently speaking with a woman who was going through some real-life shit aka struggles. 

 After sharing her feelings, she followed by saying she just can’t get into all the “positive manifesting stuff” right now.  (Not the first – nor the last – time I will hear this.)

Her comment perfectly highlighted why I sometimes cringe at the word “manifesting” and the faux ra ra energy we’ve projected onto it. 

Manifesting, or co-creating, is definitely not about slapping “high vibe words and thoughts” onto the pile of garbage that we are feeling.

Manifesting – or consciously creating the life/goal/result we want – can feel MESSY AF. 

Especially when it’s something big or super important to us.

Because it challenges us to challenge our challenges. To be honest about what we really feel and really want. To stay aligned with our truth instead of our fears and doubts. Which, at times, can feel like a full-time job.

 This is where the masculine energy of manifesting comes in handy…

Having the discipline to use a structure (aka tool) to actually feel what’s going on. 

(Your tool might be journaling, scheduling an appointment with a coach or therapist, going for a run, screaming into a pillow … whatever the form, it doesn’t matter). 

But because of our lovely human nature ????, it’s SO EASY for us to want to avoid feeling all the feels. It can feel HARD and we “don’t have time.” So, we distract ourselves or stay stuck in the mind.

But those little (or massive) emotions are the key to transformation. 

We can use our emotions to understand where we are at, what we need, and then move the energy by choosing thoughts and actions that are aligned. 

Really, the same “muscles” can be used when realigning during a moment of struggle or realigning while consciously creating a dream. 

Below are a few tools I’ve shared in the past that will help you get those emotions flowing and energy moving…

Own Your Power, Journal PromptCycle SyncingGuided Exercise – Next Level Cozy, Journal PromptTapping Video

We are constantly in a process of coming home to our higher self, our soul, our truth.

Whether that’s through a struggle we experience or a dream we are holding.

In any moment in life, when you are embodying the courage to feel your feelings, and let them breathe, you are doing the work, sister.

Have fun moving the energy ????.