{a FREE Masterclass} to transform your relationship with time

How we choose to spend the time we have is one of the few things we have control over. Yet, time so often feels out of control.

We force it – it has to happen now!
We lack it – I don’t have time!
We create guilt – I should be ...
And judgment – I should have …
We negotiate –  if this, then …
We “waste” it – fixating, stressing.

Sound familiar? Let’s transform your relationship with time and create quantum shifts in your experience of it.

In this three-part masterclass series, you will:

Release the limiting beliefs, mindsets, habits and structures that are creating scarcity with time

Kiss the forcing, lacking, guilting, judging and negotiating of time goodbye

Create quantum leaps in your understanding of time

Learn how to get time to work for you (collapsing time, bending time, delegating to the universe and more)

This is soul-shifting content that will change your whole vibration and relationship with time.

The dates and the details...

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Are you ready to relate to time
with less stress and greater ease?


Blown away by this content. Just sitting reading Molly's emails and watching her videos nodding along with my jaw on the floor like a total dork. Everything she says is SO TRUE especially about the ego wanting to pull the focus away! Gah! So glad I signed up! Can't wait for more! Xo Lisa

LisaWorkshop Participant

Is it already day six? I couldn't make it through the first day's meditations without looking at my timer, and now they end too quickly! The tapping was great - I definitely felt a shift towards focus and presence; and a positive shift! I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders - what a powerful release. Thank you for a tremendous week - it was fantastic. Thank you so much Molly for guiding us all to our new beliefs!

MollyChallenge Participant

I know it is just day one, but I felt a major release and shift with the first meditation. I can't quite explain it. Anyway, thank you very much, and I look forward to doing more!

PamelaWorkshop Participant

Thanks so much for the are awesome!

MichelleWorkshop Participant

What an amazing week! Thanks for leading us through this powerful journey.

HeatherWorkshop Participant

Molly, thank you so much for everything. I happened to see this group and it has been a blessing and just what I needed. I could feel the energy of the group working on the first day. Doing a 2 min daily meditation and visualization is just as important as brushing my teeth. I started this group with a limiting belief of control and perfection, but found that what was coming through was success and deep rooted money issues from my past (((( Like DEEP AF)))) That limiting belief kept me from being me, me from celebrating my work, and stuck in the mindset that I have to WORK HARD for success. I feel more in tune with my husband, my work life, and myself and I am so thankful for finding you. Thank you again.

AshleyWorkshop Participant

Definitely feeling powerful as far as where I am now and what I have to offer others. Thank you Molly! Thinking I will tackle a new limiting belief in the near future and will keep using the tools you provided us with. I love tapping!

FerynWorkshop Participant

Something as simple as not critiquing myself in the mirror at a department store happened today. I didn't see or rather focus on the imperfections of my legs. I looked at the strong legs that have carried two babies, ran multiple 1/2 marathons, a full marathon & is beginning training for another marathon. They are powerful AF!!!

RobinWorkshop Participant

Thank you so much this was amazing!!!

EricaWorkshop Participant

I have felt so much more positive the last 24 hours. Realizing & actually saying that I'm not doing what I want to do professionally has taken a huge weight off me. Taking back that power has transformed my mood & energy in such a good way is incredible.

SaraWorkshop Participant

Hi, I’m Molly.

My expertise is helping women lean into their magic and become a magnet for their dreams. I provide life-changing programs that empower women to rely more on their spiritual superpowers and less on their get-shit-done muscles. No more doing things in a way that feels unaligned, forced, and soul sucking. Instead, live life magnetically you.

Get ready to transform time!