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the feminine energy of money

By May 10, 2021November 3rd, 2021Energy, Manifesting

When I recently received this message while channeling, it was a massive lightbulb moment. 

All of a sudden SO MUCH made sense, in a way that I had never heard it explained before elsewhere. So of course, I want to share that with you today.

All things are energy, and money is no different.

By nature, money is a neutral resource (even if we’ve turned it into something that’s not neutral).

Money has both masculine and feminine energies aka giving and receiving. (In case you’ve missed me share, 2021 is the year for beginning to balance the masculine/feminine.)

However, individually and collectively…

We have been overly focused on the masculine energy of money. 

And in many cases, imbalanced masculine, such as control, abuse of power, unhealthy competition.

We have given our power to money, instead of letting it be an energy that empowers us. 

We have been a stalker of her as much as we’ve ignored her. 

We have used her as an expression of worth or lack of worth.

We have both demonized and worshipped money.  

We have ignored the feminine energy of money.

(And when I say “we” I mean collectively, although some may individually resonate with you.)

Which means, we’re not tapping into the true power and magic of money. 

One way I see this time and again – literally multiple times this week – is women and business…

A woman leans into her dreams career-wise. And at the beginning it’s all honeymoon vibes on the meditation pillow. Feeling into the dream. Getting excited about the dream. Cultivating a vision that feels so clear. 

And then BOOM. The action part of the dream begins and the get-shit-done muscles consume eeeeeeverything.

The old pattern of believing that we have to do and be it all ourselves in order to receive kicks into high gear.

The energetic focus becomes the doing doing doing in order to accomplish the next task on the list.

Hard work and hustle become the trusted vehicle and path to success.

The allowing, the receiving, the joy of the dream…collecting dust on the meditation pillow.

Except, we’ve just gone through a major shift on our planet energetically.

The old energy of hustle and hard work creates success (and burnout + shame) has been replaced with leading with your magic, trusting, and being energetically accountable and responsible leads to our desires more quickly (and with less pain). 

Bringing into balance our doing (because yes, we’ll still have some doing to do) and leading with our being.

Focusing on receiving (#gulp) is as important as focusing on giving (through action + doing).

Let me share one way we eased into the energy of receiving last month in Magnetize… 

My friend and mastermind sister Emily Wilcox, one of my favorite money teachers, inspired so many insights by talking about a simple concept, lottery tickets. Many of us realized the unconscious beliefs that example represented. One of those beliefs … easy money is for lazy people. Whoa. 

Many of the women began buying lottery tickets as an exercise to add the energy of play and receiving without working hard. One woman, “feeling all the magical vibes from the call,” as she said, walked through the casino where she was staying on vacation, hit the slots, embodied the energy of play and love, and won $1K on the first try. 


Where can you give your finely tuned get-shit-done muscles (doing) a little break and play with the whole receiving through your magic (being)? Especially when it comes to money.

Where can you add some energy of fun and play into your relationship with money, even if it’s just one simple experiment?

What resonated with you as you think about leaning into the feminine energy of money?

Have fun reflecting on this energy shift and playing with it to shift your energy.

And share any victories along the way!