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Today’s Bra Burning Opportunity

By August 13, 2021September 13th, 2021Energy

As you learned about (or maybe experienced?), “bra burning” in the 60s was a symbol of women’s freedom from oppression, part of that being dependence on men.

In a new era, we have an opportunity to do some tossing/burning/tearing/deleting of our own related to masculine structures.

The symbol I’m going to use today is the TO-DO LIST. 

(Please feel free to substitute any other productivity/time management tool or structure that creates struggle.)

Because the to-do list, meant to be a supportive tool … isn’t always supportive. 

For a lot of the women I work with, and at points myself, the to-do list is something we’ve given our power away to instead of using it to empower us. 

An example is constantly having a never-ending to-do list, which… 

  • Creates the feeling that you’re never doing enough. 
  • Fuels the cycle of worthiness (or lack of) through achievement (or not achieving). 
  • Prioritizes busyness over what’s really important (our goals, dreams, happiness).

And all of that is playing into the imbalanced masculine structures that exist in our society. 

  • Achievement and busyness equal worthiness.
  • Doing is king. 
  • The hard way is the noble way. 
  • Joy is the reward at the end.

As we move into an era of service through joy, and play with joy in the journey, being as much as doing, and worthiness outside of achievement, it’s up to us to individually examine and question what structures/tools work for us and what don’t.

So, if your to-do list is being used to weaponize more than to organize, give it the old heave-ho … delete, rip, makeover or even burn.

Take a look at the things you use, the things you do, and see if they’re still a match for you. 

To ask and question, does this support me? What would better support me?

Let’s stop giving our power to tools and systems that don’t support us. 

(Who is ready?! You got this!!)

An example for me was timing and tracking my meditations. Without realizing it, I was using an app to inject the energy of achievement into my meditations. Some days I use a timer because I have to finish meditating by a certain time. Others I don’t. But I no longer look at an app so my inner achiever gets a hit when I see a certain number of days in a row or a certain number of minutes. (This is what works for me, no judgement if you love timing your meditations.) 

So, take a look. Check in. Be bold. Choose structures that actually support you. Don’t just accept them because they’ve been around forever.

AND, share any changes you make! I love hearing about this stuff!