Liberate and integrate your magic.

You’re ready to make a shift.

To transform the struggles.

To let things be easier.

To listen to your intuition.

To do life your way. Without the guilt.

To own your magic. To lead with it. To create next level results with it.

To take your power back from your packed schedule and to do list.

To rise up from the ashes of busyness and reclaim your truth and all the possibilities that await.

Your essence is the magnetic force within you.

Hi, I’m Molly.

After having my daughter, I knew things had to change. My history had always been to prioritize work over all else. I was no longer interested in living life that way, nor could I afford to (hello, burnout). But doing both career and motherhood in a way I wanted felt like a struggle. I never seemed to have enough time to do it all.

That moment in my life became a massive catalyst for change.  And over the next couple of years everything changed.

Although it felt super awkward at first, as it required unplugging from and ignoring decades of programming, I started listening to my gut. Not just listening. Relying on. Making decisions based on what felt right, even if my mind disagreed.

I started doing things the way that felt aligned within, even if it was going against the grain of what I’d been taught.

And things … started feeling easier. Things started shifting. Massively. I started getting more done in less time. Results became immediate. My channel opened wide up. And everything felt like less of a struggle.

I created Essence as a vehicle for other women to experience the profound shifts I did. We are raised to do things in masculine structures that ignore some of our most powerful feminine assets. And it has led to stress, struggle and burnout. It’s time for a change.

I look forward to guiding you on this five-week journey of leaning more deeply into your magic.

Learn how to awaken your intuition with Molly Hamill

What's included in Essence...

Five weeks of soul-shifting content, designed to help you transform the struggle and support the expansion of your magic in a sustainable way.

A proven process to release the programming and beliefs that create struggle and to integrate new ones that support your elevation.

Content that is unique and channeled directly from source, plus insights from Human Design.

Access to a private Facebook page for regular sharing, connection and inspo AKA staying in the vibe of the shifts we’re creating together.

The weekly details...

surrender the struggle

During this “struggle detox” you will be brought through a process of discovering and releasing the big and the little struggles that are holding you back, including but not limited to limiting beliefs, behavioral patterns, habits and more. You’ll also identify the root energetic pattern that fuels the majority of your struggles, as well as begin building a new energetic foundation to support greater flow.

Liberate your magic

Uncover the ways you’ve been operating that aren’t actually aligned with your truth. Detach from the external programming and lean into your own inner guidance system. Begin living and deciding in ways that are much more aligned with your essence and your dreams. Go deep into going against the grain. 

Live life femmepowered

One of the biggest struggles women collectively experience is the imbalanced masculine structures and norms in our society. Through this work, you’ll open to an entirely new way of understanding doing/being, action/attraction AKA masculine/feminine. You’ll find greater flow in both masculine and feminine energies – how to use each to create greater results (inner + outer) with less stress and struggle. 

Integreat your magic

This is where you make the magic sticky! Instead of getting insights from this program and going back to life as usual afterwards, we go through a process of integration to make sure it all sticks. (This is my specialty!) 
You’ll learn about and ground the new principles of energy accountability, including how to use them to create massive shifts and results in your life. These tools  are designed so you can use them as you’re living and working, in the moment. You’ll also release the old energy patterns of guilt and shame that were prevalent in the old energy era.

Be the magnet

Be the match for your magic. Reconnect with the universal support that you have access to 24/7/365. Trust. Allow. Receive. Learn how to be the magnet even when you’re not feeling “high vibe” every second of the day. Re-engage with the cosmic forces within you – and connect with the cosmic forces in the universe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What dates and times are the calls?

Friday, 9/10 10 AM PST  / 1 PM ET

first module presented live (Zoom) – watch live or catch replay 


Friday, 9/17 9 AM PST / 12 PM ET

second module presented live (Zoom) – watch live or catch replay 


Friday, 9/24 10 AM PST / 1 PM ET

third module presented live (Zoom) – watch live or catch replay 


Friday, 10/1 10 AM PST / 1 PM ET

fourth module – presented live (Zoom) – watch live or catch replay 


Week of 10/8

wrap up call (Zoom) – date/time to be determined based on group

When does it start?

The first week’s content goes live on Friday, Sept 10th, and you will be given access to the Facebook group 24 hours before that.

What is the overall structure of the program?

Five modules, which will be presented live – you can watch live or watch the replay (your call). Plus a Facebook group for additional accountability and support outside of the weekly calls. The Facebook group will stay open for two weeks past the close of the program.

Should I do Essence or Magnetize?

If you’re interested in both programs, when you sign up for the 12-month Magnetize program, you will be gifted participation in Essence. 🙂 (Essence is meant to be a foundational course taken before Magnetize.)

How long do I have access to Essence?

You have access to Essence for two weeks after the last call (10/22).

Who is this program for?

Women who are ready to transform the struggle and live with greater ease and alignment.

Hi, I’m Molly.

My expertise is helping women lean into their magic and become a magnet for their dreams. I provide life-changing programs that empower women to rely more on their spiritual superpowers and less on their get-shit-done muscles. No more doing things in a way that feels unaligned, forced, and soul sucking. Instead, live life magnetically you.

Higher Self Channeling with Molly Hamill