Impact Inc

Starting and running your own business can feel so exciting and super vulnerable. And requires a whole different way of operating than you’re probably used to…

Putting yourself out there.

Talking about money.

Having sales conversations.

Learning new systems.

Making a ton of decisions (how, what, when, etc.).

Honing your method and niche.

All of this while wondering when the business will come.

How you respond to that space – where the results haven’t appeared (yet) but the dream is there – impacts your experience, success and the timeline.

Create your big vision impact with greater ease.

Are You Ready To...

Be confident in your relationship with money?

Have sales conversations in a way that feels authentic to YOU?

Experience less fear and anxiety in your biz?

Have some tools to manage the “waiting” phase (social media likes, sales, etc.)?

Experience less overwhelm with all the decisions?

Stop worrying about what everyone will think?

Hi, I’m Molly.

I started my business almost 10 years ago because I was super passionate about what I was offering at the time (intuitive reiki healing). Not because I loved sales, marketing and money talk, or other aspects of running my own biz, many of which felt like learning to speak a new language after a career in corporate.

As an energy-sensitive empath, whose love language is gifts, who was used to getting a generous bi-weekly paycheck, and is motivated more by impact than money, my comfort zone would have been to stay small and give it all away for free.

But in order to exit my corporate career, support my then single self, and turn my passion into a business not just a hobby, I had to learn how to find my way with the things that felt anxiety-provoking to flat out scary within my new business..

As things evolved into what I do now, Business Energetics, I went from creating flow in the areas that were blocking me to helping women do the same. So that they can create the impact of their dreams.

I have pulled together the most impactful mindset shifts, tools and energetics I’ve learned over the last decade and wrapped them into Impact Inc, which I’m offering at a super budget friendly price. These are the things that completely changed my experience – inner and outer – with my business. And have done so for my clients and even peers.

(Be)come the Biz Success Story

While the details of your journey might be different than mine, the experience of running your own biz often feels similar.

An inner ping pong game of "I can do this" and "no I can't"

Persistent, fear-based thoughts, like, will I succeed? What will people think?

Wanting success to happen RIGHT NOW to prove to everyone that you can do it

Comparisons to others who have been doing it for years

Feeling awkward AF about money, sales and/or avoiding them

It's time to kiss those mind-based fears buh-bye and step into your power and possibility.

In Impact Inc, you'll learn...

1. Cash Confidence

Stop worrying about when/if the money will come

Will someone actually buy this? In Impact Inc, you’ll learn how to tap into the money possibilities instead of the money fears.

2. The "Waiting" Game

Waiting for the like, the sale, the success

You posted the vulnerable post, asked for the sale. Will it work? In Impact Inc, you’ll learn energetics to stay in the energy of your vision, not your fears, during the “waiting” phase.

3. Awkward-free Sales

Being yourself in sales conversations

Sales are necessary for your biz success, but can feel cringy AF at first. In Impact Inc, you’ll tap into your own unique style of authentically sharing your offers.

4. Deciding with ease

Removing decision overwhelm

All. The. Decisions. What should I offer? How should I offer it? In what format? At what price? To whom? In Impact Inc, you’ll learn how to create ease in the plethora of decisions you’ll make as you build your biz.

5. Sharing Your Business

Kiss imposter vibes goodbye

Release the self-protection mechanisms holding you back and authentically share your voice and message without stressing about what everyone will think.

6. Managing Uncertainty

Tapping into the power of uncertainty

There is a TON of uncertainty when starting your own biz. While uncertainty is typically triggering for us, in Impact Inc, you’ll learn to access the magic within it.

Impact Inc includes:

Six videos of cutting edge business energetics that have transformed businesses of all phases and ages 🙂

Access to videos for the life of this program

Paradigm-shifting content that you can use during each evolution of your biz

It's time to transform your fears into fuel for your dreams.

Investment Options

Impact Inc is immediately available for access as soon as you purchase below.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Impact Inc for?

Anyone who is thinking about starting their own business, is starting their own business, or has started one and is ready to create more impact, their way, with less stress and fear.

Where can I find the videos?

They are available to you on a private page in my system, which will be available within a few minutes of purchase. The email will come from [email protected]. Please add to your safe sender list and check your spam if you don’t receive it within a few minutes.

What is the time commitment?

Each video is between 30-60 minutes. I’d recommend spending some time reflecting after each. But the real magic happens when you apply the ah-ha’s as you’re working :). 

This course gave me so much awareness about what was really holding me back from my business. She is a Mindset Master. I didn't even know I was creating so many roadblocks until she helped me drill down to the issues that were stopping me. We stop ourselves before we even start. This program gave me so many "a-ha moments" about myself. It's like psychology, coaching and spiritual awareness all rolled up into one. After her course, I found myself diving into new creative projects. This taught me exercises for my spirit, disciplines for my mind, and a stronger awareness of how to push through my fears.


I'm grateful that Molly has translated esoteric concepts into tangible practices that we can implement and truly surrender our struggles for more effortless and authentic achievement. I learned some very valuable tools for outsourcing and surrendering long standing challenges in my business, and I quickly integrated reframes for manifestation and intuitive leadership that can help me in the day-to-day functioning of my work as a coach and as a founder


I experienced shifts and epiphanies at every corner, I've gained a deeper understanding of some business processes. I loved how Molly offered beautiful and elegant ways of looking at blocks and limitations. I highly recommend her program!


It’s difficult to put into words the amazing effect that working with Molly has had on my business! Her programs shifted my approach and mentality towards work, goals and dreams, and the concrete results say it all. In January 2020 I set an income goal, not knowing how on earth I’d achieve it and unsure whether I could. In March I embraced a new opportunity, and by September I’d reached the financial goal I had set at the beginning of the year! In November I enjoyed my first 5 figure month, and I ended 2020 having built a team of over 500 people!! Thanks to Molly and her programs, not only are my goals even bigger and better in 2021, but this time around, I am absolutely confident in reaching them!

Sally EdgerlySenior Director at One Hope