Journey Integration Sessions

The journey begins BEFORE we arrive, and continues AFTER we leave.

Bringing the vertical magic into the horizontal

Hi, fellow journeyer, I’m Molly…

Over the course of the 10+ journeys I’ve attended, I’ve helped dozens of members of this community prepare for journeys (to create greater opening to receive the journey magic) and integrate it once you return home (to make the magic sticky).


The “journey before the journey”

There is a lot happening “behind the seen.” You may experience vivid dreams, a rollercoaster of emotions – high one minute and struggling the next – and more, as Carissa works on each of us. Because sometimes what needs to move for our desires to manifest requires some discomfort. Pre-sessions support you in allowing this process – without resistance or overwhelm. There is such power in starting the integration process prior to the journey.


The “journey after the journey”

Post journey, it’s all about bringing the vertical magic you experienced in person into the horizontal (i.e. work, relationships, and more) and making it sticky. So much changes within us during journeys, which not everyone in our lives will understand. Post-sessions support you in  channeling your journey experience into your existing life/work structures and/or to create new ones.


As Yeshua said, “our problem isn’t connecting, it’s staying connected.” Integration work is a powerful way to connect with the energy pre-journey and stay connected with it post-journey.

Session Details…

Sessions include…

Each session is customized to your energy, essence, needs, and familiarity with journeys. (I will tune into your energy and divine guidance before our time together to support our session). All sessions include a blend of intuitive guidance and coaching, human design, plus recommendations (practice, resources) to help you best acclimate to the journey process.

How the sessions happen…

Upon paying for the session using one of the options below, I will send you session option times to schedule your call. (I open more time on my calendar pre- and post-journeys so you should be able to schedule within two weeks of a journey.) You will also get an email from me with some questions to complete - this helps me understand more about you and your journey intentions. The actual session is 60-75 min on Zoom. And post session I am available for follow up questions and/or support during the journey - I will be there too! 🙂

To schedule, select your preference below…

If you have questions, please feel free to email me, complete this form, or send me DM on IG.

Pre Session

Schedule a session prior to the journey.


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Post Session

Schedule a session for after the journey.


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Two Sessions

Schedule both a pre and post journey session.


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In case we haven’t met…

I specialize in helping people bring more “woo” (5D, vertical) into their “do” (3D, horizontal).

In 2109 my life changed when I had my first session with Carissa. Since then I’ve gone to as many journeys as possible and haven’t put the Freedom Transmissions down. In 2021, I began facilitating integration calls for participants of the Sacred Spirit Illumination Journeys in Sedona – private and group.

Outside of integration work, I am a Business Energetic Intuitive and help female (and a few woo men) business owners – wellness and intuitive healers, paradigm-shifting coaches – convert their inspiration into income.

Prior to launching my own biz in 2012, I was a human resources executive, leading our company to the prestigious Grand Prize Workplace Excellence Award by SHRM. My corporate focus included executive and leadership coaching, training and development, and organizational

I am a channel for spirit, certified life coach, yoga and meditation instructor (Kundalini and Hatha) as well as a Reiki Master Teacher. I am certified in tapping (EFT), PSYCH-K, EQi 2.0 (emotional intelligence) and Situational Leadership II®. I am a Predictive Index Analyst® and hold an M.A. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (CSPP – now Alliant) and BS in Marketing Management (Providence College).

I live in San Diego with my husband, 5-year old daughter, 6-month old Frenchie and two cats. I’m a crystal-loving generator (Human Design) and a cat AND dog person, clearly. Outside of work you’ll find me meditating, playing with my daughter, journaling and reading, hosting parties and watching some Bravo TV (we all need our 3D hits).

Magnetic manifesting with Molly Hamill

*If you have not attended a journey and would like more information, please go to Carissa’s website, or contact me here.