Access the universe within you.

So much of our power lies in our feminine energy – intuition, magnetism, transformation, creativity, beauty, joy, flow.

Yet we’ve downplayed those parts of self by placing most of our trust in our masculine energies.

We’re being invited to shift that as we enter a new energy paradigm that honors a balance of masculine and feminine.

Where trusting in the unseen is more important than trusting in the seen.

Where relying your intuition is as important as relying your work ethic.

Where accessing the universe within you is more important than ever. 

Tap into the untapped feminine superpowers within you.

Stardust is a four-week program designed to access the universe within you AKA your spiritual superpowers. It is high vibration, channeled content. You will walk away with a deeper understanding of…

Your intuition, how to use it with consistency and confidence as well as remove some of the most common blocks to accessing it

Your masculine and feminine energies, what your specific balance of each is, and how to use each in alignment and in partnership

How to experience your emotions in a way that powers your dreams (including some bits on empathic abilities)

And of course, per usual, I will be peppering in some Human Design.

What's happening by week...

Week One

Your Sun (Masculine): Identify and shift the beliefs and behaviors that are creating imbalances in your masculine energies. (Ahem, all that doing-it-yourself, over-doing, forcing and controlling stuff). 

Week Two

Your Moon (Feminine): Tap into your feminine superpowers – intuition, magnetism, transformation, creativity, beauty, joy, flow, trust – and integrate them into everyday life to create greater inner and outer results. 

Week Three

Full Moon Ceremony: During this channeled intuition activation and aura clearing, you’ll be guided through a process to more deeply connect with your intuition and to release anything that surfaced during the first two weeks that no longer serves you.  

Week Four

Your Starlight: Tap deeply into the magic that is you… your secret sauce … your magnetism … your own sacred version of “it girl” energy … the thing that makes you, you. Own it. Fall in love with it. And sprinkle and share your inner world with the outer world. 

Ready to access the entire universe that is already within you?


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Frequently Asked Questions

When does it start and what are the dates?

Calls are 60 minutes and take place every Sunday (1/2/, 1/9, 1/16, 1/23)  at 12 PM PT / 3 PM PT. 

Where can I find the replays?

They are available to you directly in my online portal. You will have access to them for two weeks past the close of the program.

Do I have to attend the calls live?

You do not. I present them live as the energy is more powerful, but you can access at your convenience if you cannot attend live.

How is this different from your other programs?

Stardust is a spiritually-centered four-week program designed to create quick shifts which can be applied to any area of your life. Magnetize is a long-term program designed to create quantum shifts with a focus on integration. Driven is specifically for spiritually-minded entrepreneurs. 

Hi, I’m Molly.

My expertise is helping women lean into their magic and become a magnet for their dreams. I provide life-changing programs that empower women to rely more on their spiritual superpowers and less on their get-shit-done muscles. No more doing things in a way that feels unaligned, forced, and soul sucking. Instead, live life magnetically you.

Higher Self Channeling with Molly Hamill