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Becoming your most magnetized self with Molly Hamill

New Era Energetics

Utilize the new era energies to create more flow and ease in your business.

View these transformational sessions a la carte, or binge them all. Your choice.

New Era Energetics for Woo-Minded Entrepreneurs

Stop the Struggle. Own Your Power.

With social media, money, and whatever else is feeling like a big old burden in your biz. In this session I share a key mindset shift that will:

  • completely transform the struggles you’re experiencing
  • bend time to call in those dreams with less waiting
  • unlock greater energy and ease

Channeling your higher self with Molly Hamill
Channel your essence with Molly Hamill

The Gift of Uncertainty 

Entrepreneurship is loaded with uncertainty, but the energy of uncertainty activates the quantum field of possibilities. In this session, available 3/23, you’ll:

  • transform your relationship with uncertainty
  • energetically access the field of possibilities
  • tap deeply into one of the key energies of the new era
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Your Messy is Your Magic

You don’t have to be high vibe 24/7 in order to manifest the results you want in life. In this session,  you’ll:

  • stay in your magic during the messy moments
  • tap into authenticity over perfection
  • harness the power of “low vibe” emotions
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Your Energy is Your Brand

On March 23rd we experienced an energetic paradigm shift. Get dialed into what you can do to create flow in your business going forward. Hint: what worked before might not work going forward. Available SOON and includes:

  • key energies to maximize success in this era
  • WTH energy branding is and how it can help you
  • showing up more you than ever before
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I want it all! Buy the bundle. 

Get access to all four New Era Energetics Sessions for $77 (save $22). Purchase now and you’ll receive them via email as soon as they are live.

Buy them all ($77)

Shift the struggle, create the miracle.