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Change Your Parking Karma: Never Wait for a Parking Spot Again

By September 2, 2014October 6th, 2014Uncategorized

It only takes one step to fully change your parking karma. You’ll never wait for another parking spot again. In fact, you’ll get the best spots on the busiest streets during the heaviest traffic hours.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. All it takes is a little open-mindedness and willingness to experiment. Its not actually parking karma, although that’s what everyone says to me. You have the best parking karma! You always get the best spots!

I stumbled upon the secret to great parking spots a couple of years ago when I was reconnecting with my spirituality. I started doing practical experiments using some of the woo-woo concepts I was reading about. My brain just had to make sense of out of things because some of it seemed kind of out there. So I started with parking.

OK OK I know…parking isn’t the biggest issue in the world. But, sometimes it’s the little things throughout our day that create our stress. Like parking. Imagine what it would be like to never have to worry about finding a spot again? That’s how I live, and it’s much easier. I get amused now when I hear someone say, I’m not moving the car. We might not find another spot. Plus, you can apply the process I’ll teach you below to any other area of your life.

So, here’s the deal. We all have this army of divine assistance waiting to help us, if we just ask. When I learned about this, I was highly skeptical, as I only believed in some kind of universal energy. I had no faith in Angels or anything of that nature but was willing to try it to see if things would improve in my life.

I learned about runner guides. Runner guides are a few levels lower than angels in the spirit hierarchy and are here to help us with specific needs we may have. Unlike guardian angels, runner guides do not stay with us forever, but they are available to all of us.

I experimented. As I leave my house, I’d make a request to a runner guide in the area of my destination. Something like this, “Hey runner guides near blah blah blah restaurant. I’m heading there now. Can you please find me a spot right next to the restaurant? Thank you!” I’d make the request, give them appreciation in advance, and release it.

Every time – without fail – I’d get an amazing parking spot. Obviously I started using this new support in other areas of my life. I remember feeling strange that there was help available to me that I didn’t have to do anything in order to receive! In addition to parking spots, I’d ask for help getting somewhere on time. That paid off too.

My inner east coast competitor was determined to somehow disprove this whole thing. It had to be BS. One time I thought I had them. I wanted to get to Lululemon before my yoga class but was cutting it close. Traffic was heavy and the store was closing in 10 minutes at 7:00. I asked the runner guides for support – please help me get there before the store closes. I got there past 7:00. Gotcha! For some reason that night the store manager kept the store open past 7:00, which was not the norm. Although it was after 7:00, I did arrive before the store closed. I thanked the guides and did some shopping!

After I was amazed by my new parking luck, I shared it with my mom. We pulled up on a rainy Thursday night to a street packed with popular restaurants. An empty spot greeted us right in front of the restaurant we were going to. As it if was waiting for us. She immediately became a believer. So have many since.

If you’re as skeptical learning about this as I was, my advice to you is to just try it. What do you have to lose? Nothing. But you do have a lifetime of fabulous parking spot to gain. Ask. Release. Receive. Be grateful. It’s that simple. Happy parking!