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Get Wicked Intuitive

By October 25, 2017May 14th, 2020Anxiety, Intuition, Meditation

As you may have seen (plastered all over social media 😉 ), I turned 40 over the weekend. Along with the celebrations came some reflection. Of course a ton of things have changed in the last 10 years. But one of the biggest things that stood out was how I learned to listen to and trust my intuition.

A month after I turned 30 I fainted, fell, and broke a bone in my neck. That meant no exercise for quite a while and a big ugly neck brace. The only time I lost my shit in the hospital was when the doctor told me that I obviously couldn’t exercise for several months. Exercise was how I managed anxiety back in those days. How would I escape the tormenting grip of anxiety if I couldn’t exercise???

Then there were some special moments when I got home from the hospital. Like at 30 years old having to be bathed by my mom and not being able to do my own hair for a long time (limited mobility while healing).

So, yeah, a solution was needed. I figured I’d give that strange thing called meditation a try because I only had so many Vicodin (kidding).

As this was before iPhones and 7K meditation apps, I ordered a BOOK about meditation on Amazon and got to work. Pretty quickly meditation became my medication for anxiety.

After some years of yo-yo meditating, I eventually got into a daily practice. Meditation transformed from something that I used to survive anxiety and get my butt wiped by my mom, to thriving through new adventures. Meditation also became a trusted tool I used to help heal my thyroid. (P.S. thanks, mom, for taking care of me…. I’m sure was much worse for you than it was for me. 🙂 )

But the totally unexpected and life-changing gift that meditation gave me is the gift of intuition.

My intuition is such a part of my every day life that it’s almost too hard to describe it. But, a few examples from the last 48 hours…

  • Recently I looked at a bottle of supplements and knew I was done with them, even though the bottle was full. This week my Chinese medicine doctor asked me to stop taking them.
  • Last week I referred a contact to my friend (phone number and first name). Monday, for no particular reason, I felt compelled to send my friend the full contact info. She responded immediately saying, OMG freaky, you were reading my mind! I’ve been meaning to text you for more info all day about her.
  • A friend, who I haven’t talked to in a long time, texted me with some personal news, and when I read the word personal, I knew what the update was, which enabled me to more quickly support her.

While none of those are earth-shattering examples, they’re good examples of how trusting my intuition makes life easier. Personally, I’m far more interested in using my intuition for greater ease and flow than for connecting with spirit guides, etc. Because I’m all about less struggle in my life! Although people tend to be more impressed with the latter LOL.

Even though I don’t talk about my intuitive side much, I get a lot of questions about it, like…

  • How do I know if it’s my intuition or my ego?
  • How do I listen to my intuition?
  • What did you do to develop yours?

As you may guess, my first answer to that is you have to meditate. You have to clear the crap in your head to be able to allow guidance in. #sorryfolks #iknowyouwantedashortcut

Back in the day I heard Deepak Chopra say 30 minutes twice a day at a minimum. So that’s my rule of thumb. Everything flows better when I am in the flow of my meditation practice. Bottom-line…

If you’re serious about developing your intuition, it’s time to get serious about your meditation practice.

Annddd, given that the energies during fall and winter are ripe for meditation and intuition, I’ll be speaking more about both over the coming weeks in blogs.

Until then, my practice for you is twofold:

  • Meditate
  • Listen to a “hit” you get and run with it. For example, if someone pops into your head randomly, text them and say hi. Don’t be surprised when they respond with, I was just thinking about you!

Because… if this Boston-bred, fast-talking extrovert can quiet her mind enough to listen to her intuition, you can too! And I promise you – it’ll wicked change your life. 😉

P.S. If you are interested in developing either your mediation practice, or your intuition, I’m going to be offering a short course (under $100) in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for more details!