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The Golden Rule of Meditation

By April 22, 2021June 9th, 2021Meditation, Positivity

Meditate twice a day. 

Meditate for 20 minutes at a time. 

Meditate for 30 minutes at a time. 

Don’t meditate with pets. 

Do the same meditation daily for 30 days. 

Do the same meditation daily for 90 days. 

Do the same meditation for forever.

Use a timer. 

Don’t use a timer.

Face a certain direction when you meditate. 

Meditate only during certain hours. 

Whoa, we have placed a lot of rules and expectations onto the practice of meditation. 

Which can create…

  • confusion – am I doing it right?
  • guilt – I’m not doing it right. 
  • judgment – I’m such a failure. 

(Because you didn’t face North East at 4 AM for 30 min 30 days in a row.)

We’ve turned meditation into a sport. 

With rules and timers and trackers and apps that give us gold stars. All we are missing is the referee. 

????Congratulations! You’ve meditated for 60 days in a row!

But with all of this projection of masculine energy onto our relationship with meditation…

Have we stripped away some of the sacred and replaced it with too much structure?

And is that what works for you? (Not a loaded question. A sincere reflection question.)

Maybe seeing the congrats from the app adds to your meditation experience. Or maybe it just another area that we’ve allowed an overdrive of imbalanced masculine energy. 

My golden meditation rule?

Do what feels right to you. 

Just because someone hasn’t funded a study to validate the effectiveness of the meditation practice that works for you, doesn’t mean it’s not effective.

If having a structured and disciplined practice is aligned with your true needs, rock on soul sister ????

If having a structured and disciplined practice is creating a guilt trip or stripping the joy, eff it ????!

If being devoted to a regular practice while including some variety, serves you, enjoy????‍♀️! 

So, friend…

Where can you bring some of the sacred back into your meditation practice, if it needs some?

Not every meditation is going to be your soulmate meditation. 

But the more your meditation practice is aligned with your needs and unique design, the greater the connection with your soul and with spirit.

And isn’t that truly the reward?