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Throat Chakra Manifesting

By March 1, 2021December 11th, 2022Chakras, Energy, Positivity, Self-worth

All of us can speak things into existence through our words, whether that’s literally saying them out loud or saying them in our head.

(That’s especially true for those with a defined throat chakra, for my Human Design junkies!)

Meaning, you get clear on something you want – say it in your mind or out loud – and boom, it literally happens. I was sharing an example of this with a friend, and she mentioned that earlier she thought to herself, I want a latte, and boom, out of the blue her hubby walks in with one a short while later, which isn’t the norm.

One thing that can trip us up, though, is the conflict between our minds. ☺ Conscious and subconscious that is. 

It can explain a lot of why we consciously want something and then behave in an opposite manner.

Kinda like … I want to lose weight, but I keep reaching for the chocolate. 

PS I am not chocolate shaming here, just an example. My new fav is Hu chocolate, but back to my point…

And … the subconscious directs a lot of our behavior. So, we end up behaving in ways that are contradictory to our desires, which obviously creates struggle etc.

While you know I’m a giant fan of taping (EFT) to work with that subconscious business, today I’m going to share something that’s super quick, easy and you can do it on your own anytime you want!

As I recently explained to the women in Magnetize, it supports getting the subconscious mind on board with your mantras aka your throat chakra manifesting. It also connects you with the super conscious mind (universal energy).

  • To speak to your conscious mind, say your mantra with your voice at a normal volume, inner eye gaze straight ahead.
  • To speak to your subconscious mind, say your mantra with your voice at a whisper, inner eye gaze at the third eye (space in between the eyebrows).
  • To speak to your superconscious mind (universal mind), say your mantra silently, inner eye gaze at the third eye.

Grab a fresh cup of coffee and play with those affirmations … doing them all three ways for a while and see what shifts. ☺

(When I do it this way I notice my body taking a deep breath, which is a consistent indication to me that something good is happening. ☺ )

Have fun experimenting!