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willpower isn’t the issue

By November 25, 2021December 3rd, 2021Energy, Feminine superpowers, Manifesting

An impulse purchase when I really want to save.

An impulse treat when I really want to cut back on sugar.

An impulse late night tv binge when I really want more energy (sleep).

In the past I would have automatically piled blame onto masculine energies … Not enough discipline. Not enough willpower. Not enough self-control. (Cue the blame / shame game.)

Until this year. When I had a soul-opening realization after one of the Sedona Journeys.

It wasn’t an imbalance of my masculine energy that has created sabotaging behaviors. It’s an imbalance within my feminine energy!!! 

Holy sh*t. I had NEVER EVER EVER considered that.

I didn’t lack discipline or self-control or even willpower.

I was letting emotional whims run the show.

Like my two-year-old daughter. She thinks every day is her birthday, now that she partially understands the concept of birthdays, and gets ticked off when she can’t have birthday cake on the daily LOL.

My feminine was kinda like an out of control two-year old at times.

Blindly following the lead of my emotions, without bringing any consciousness to the decision.

There wasn’t an inner dialogue where my wild feminine was questioned or challenged.

(By the way, I am pro treats of all kinds, including the ones above, when the energy feels aligned … not shaming any purchases, croissants or Netflix binges in general.)

I’d let my emotions take the lead – to seek a hit of comfort, or a moment of pleasure – instead of my emotions being part of the decision.

My will power didn’t have a fighting chance. His opinion wasn’t asked. 

If he was, likely together the masculine and feminine energy could have made an aligned decision.

And that’s the thing … we need both the feminine and masculine. When they’re both in balance is when the magic really happens. 

So, if you’re someone who has questioned your willpower, discipline or self-control, I want you to tune into the energy of what I’m sharing today and ask…

Is my feminine hijacking the situation?

Because of course, a one-off hijacking isn’t a big deal. But when it becomes a pattern it has the capacity to interfere with our dreams, our goals, and our peace.

We find ourselves in the same old loop, feeling stuck and frustrated, instead of closer to the internal and external states we desire.

This isn’t to blame or point fingers at any imbalances – in masculine or feminine.

It’s simply an opportunity to shine the light on a little shadow. 

To ask and to explore, where can I bring some more consciousness to my feminine and masculine?

What needs forgiving?

What would I like to do differently going forward, with this insight?

Part of the reason I believe some of the patterns with my feminine have flown under the radar for so long is because feminine energies are so often described in such soft terms, as discussed in my last email.  (If you missed that email you can catch the bloggity blog version here.) Receiving, allowing, resting, etc. While those are feminine energies, the feminine is also much more than that.

If you’re interested in diving more into the power of balancing your masculine and feminine, aka action/attraction, either Magnetize or Stardust would big time support you! Details below… 

Otherwise, let me know what comes up for you when you reflect on this!

Hope you had a beautiful thanksgiving week. Thank you for being a part of this community.

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