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the low hanging fruit of abundance

Recently I talked to you about enjoying the little luxuries as an appreciation practice to create more luxury.

This week we’re talking about embodying the energy that is a match for what you’ve already manifested, which in a way is also an appreciation practice. 

Speaking of luxuries, a couple of weeks ago I had a facial. And on my to-do list that day I had written, enjoy facial. It was both a reminder and an instruction from me, to me. 

Enjoy your facial. 

Years ago, in my mid-thirties, I had a facial scheduled and somehow conveyed guilt around it to an older/wiser friend. She responded, never feel guilty about a facial. 

It’s a silly little example of an underlying pattern of not being a vibrational match for something I already had.

I had the money and I had the time to get the facial. And yet instead of enjoying it, I felt guilt. Because my vibration was still that of a broke twenty-something. Not someone who was making a really good salary. 

I was not an energetic match for what I had already manifested. 

To this day, I will have moments of feeling like I shouldn’t do something, stemming from that old pattern, not my current reality. And I see it in clients too.

(What’s bubbling up for you when you think about that?)

Hence, ENJOY facial, is the reminder I give myself. So that when I’m in that esthetician’s bed I can relax and take it in, instead of should-ing myself while I’m there. To luxuriate in the little luxuries, as we chatted about recently. ☺ 

Acknowledging the pockets and moments of true abundance (the dreams you’ve already manifested) – and owning that abundance INTERNALLY. 

Feeling the vibes of it within. 

You are a powerful creator who co-created some magic with the universe. 

You are worthy of it.
You are a reflection of it. 

Feel it.
Own it.
Luxuriate in it. 

Not dismissing it as dumb luck.
Not wondering how it happened.
Not downplaying it.
Not questioning if you’re worthy of it.
Not moving on so quickly to the next thing that you forget this thing. 

In other words, your inner feelings are a vibrational match to your abundant manifestation.  

That is the low hanging fruit of abundance in your life that you have the power to absorb more deeply into your being. 

It is the abundance you have already created / received. 

Not only does it feel AMAZING, embodying that energy creates more abundance. 

And don’t worry, if you notice that your inner reality isn’t a match for the physical manifestation you’ve experienced, you have the power to shift that. And if you want support with that, you know where to reach me. 🙂