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the benefits of energetic indulgences

By November 3, 2021Energy, Manifesting

It’s the time of year known for indulging … gifts, pumpkin pie, stuffing … and so much more. 

Let’s also talk about energetic indulgences and the benefits you can experience from them!!!

Sooo…. a couple of weeks ago we lost power. 

Let me frame this conversation by saying that it was not a crisis situation but an inconvenience … I knew power would be back on soon.

I lit candles, made dinner in the dark, and skipped the nightly bath time routine with my daughter.

What I missed the most during that time of no electricity surprised me. Any guesses? 

It had to do with our trash. Yes, trash!

The developer of our house added this little contraption so that we can tap the cabinet door of the trash and recycle with our knee and it automatically opens. Hands free. Mess free.

I literally missed that the most. 

Each time I had to throw something away I had to manually pull the cabinet drawer open. 

It literally felt like a chore – an extra task I didn’t need to deal with. I know. Poor me. 

Buuut, it made me realize – that silly little trash draw function – makes me feel a little luxury in something that basically no one wants to deal with … trash. 

It gives me a pop of luxury when I’m in the kitchen doing things I’d rather not be doing. 😉

When that little luxury was not available to me, I realized that it’s something I take for granted. 

Luxury isn’t something we need. It’s something that brings us joy. And…

Appreciation for the little luxuries cultivates energy of abundance. When we are embodying that energy we are calling in more abundance.

So, what are the little luxuries in your life? 

What are the simple things that feel luxurious? 

A good skin cream, a warm blanket, a cozy bathrobe, a favorite treat.

What are the little luxuries in your life that you can be really present to, to a greater degree? That you can appreciate more?

Appreciation is a magnet for your desires.

And it feels good. 

And we’re officially in November, the season of giving thanks. 

During this season I know you’ll focus on the traditional opportunities for gratitude.

My invitation today is to indulge in the little luxuries instead of taking them for granted or feeling guilty when you enjoy them.

It is one form of appreciation that taps you into a very high vibration of abundance.

And if you want to go even vibrationally higher… I have some bonus points for you….

As I mentioned, my automated trash can draw was a gift – I didn’t know it existed until we bought this house. 

It was a gift from the universe. 

By appreciating it, I’m tapping into appreciation for gifts from the universe … the field of abundance and potentiality. Beyond what my mind can come up with.

So, notice with any of the little luxuries that you come up with … which ones did you pluck from the field of pure potentiality? 

You didn’t know it existed, OR, it wasn’t on your radar to get for yourself. Maybe something a friend gifted to you, for example. 

So, let me know, what is your little luxuries – your trash can example? Which ones were gifts from the universe? 

Happy Thanksgiving season, and thank you for being a part of this email community!