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going beyond “asking for a sign”

By November 29, 2021December 3rd, 2021Energy, Manifesting

Asking for a sign from the universe / spirit guides is a lovely way of seeking support and assurance.  

However, I commonly hear expressions of frustration from clients/friends waiting for their signs. And I used to do that too. 

Let’s talk about how to keep the channel pure when asking for a sign and how to create an even stronger dialogue with the Universe.

First let’s talk about how we muck up the energy when we ask for a sign. 

We become like a teenage girl from the 90’s waiting for her boyfriend to call on the landline. Pacing. Picking it up to make sure it’s not off the hook. Screaming if anyone else gets on the phone.

We get into the energy of lack when “waiting” for the sign. 

The waiting game. It instantly bends our antenna, not time. 

It even creates delays with time due to it being a form of resistance of the present. 

(You might recall we recently talked about that gnarly waiting energy, are you creating or waiting?). 

In waiting, we also get into an energy of frustration, another form of resistance. 

We suck the magic right out of the process and disengage from the quantum field. 

All of this instead of trusting that the sign will come when the time is right. 

Which brings me to the energy you’re embodying when you ask for the sign.

That will affect your ability to see/hear a sign, which we are constantly receiving (more on that in a second).  

Is your energy coming from a place of trust or a place of fear? 

Bringing some attention to your energy will shift how/when you receive one. 

I remember a time when I asked for white feathers to be my sign. And sat at the beach, where I knew I’d be likely to see lots of feathers, pissed I wasn’t seeing any. 🤦‍♀️ A week later, having quit on the idea of receiving a sign, a flurry of white feathers descended upon me.

Now let’s talk about creating an ongoing dialogue with the universe. 

What if, instead of occasionally asking for a sign, you trusted that you have the ability to be in constant communication with the divine/universe? 

Like a text chain with a good girlfriend. You know she’s going to send you a message back. It’s not even a question. 

You might remember a blog I shared earlier in the year, next level spirit guide support, in which I described how we actually have guides who advocate for us. They do things like help us bend time. 

Being in regular dialogue helps us tap into the power of our advocates and more. 

We have free will, they won’t/can’t just jump in on our behalf. 

(PS I still get annoyed that entities just ignore our free will and jump into our energy like a damn hijacker, yet our spirit guides abide by all the rules, of course. Kinda like people 😜. Some are hitchhikers. Some are gifts from God.)

What’s possible is so much more than asking for a sign on occasion, if we want it to be. 

Instead of trusting you’ll receive a sign when asking, you trust that you’re being constantly guided. 

And since you’re in regular communication with the universe, there’s no confusion or free will violations. 

But, there’s also no sitting around and waiting. There is trust that the dialogue is ongoing. 

going beyond asking for a sign

I can’t tell you the last time I formally asked for a sign. I literally get them ALL. THE. TIME. Because I do what I’m sharing here. I’m in constant communication and trust that I will receive one. 

An example … I am doing the whole REELS thing on IG now 😆. A few weeks ago while flying, I had an idea for visually sharing the concept of magnetism through an egg and a banana. Which instantly triggered my catholic school PTSD. No way, I can’t do this.

I got busy with family stuff and didn’t think about it again. The next day we head to a restaurant, where my daughter (recently potty trained) has to use the restroom. We walk up and I see the bathroom signs. Eggs (women’s room). Bananas (men’s room).  I burst out laughing. 

Stuff like that happens, as I mentioned, ALL. THE. TIME. 

And those little communications from spirit always feel like the best gifts, the polar opposite to how it used to feel when waiting for a sign

There’s such a level of ease and joy to them. 

And feeling tapped into that level of communication feels like such a gift. 

So, what would it feel like to next level trust in your communication with the universe? What’s one way you could lean into opening an ongoing text chain with the universe? 😘

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