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feminine power is much more than just receiving

By November 11, 2021November 18th, 2021Ease, Energy, Feminine superpowers, Intuition

I think we’re all pretty clear on what balancing the masculine means … less forcing, pushing, controlling, overdoing. 

For me, unplugging from the imbalanced masculine only got me so far. 

It was when I tapped into the power of the feminine that things really shifted. Which is what I’m going to share with you today! 

I’ll start by saying that there is a lot of talk about how the feminine is all about receiving.

The first of two shifts I want to share with you addresses that…

#1… the feminine is so much more than just receiving.

So, let’s stop selling her short. 

She is intuition … magnetism … transformation … creativity … beauty … joy … flow … vulnerability … trust. 

Also, yes, it is true, feminine energy is an energy of receiving. 

Understanding the full power of feminine takes SO MUCH PRESSURE off the masculine. 

As I tapped into this way of understanding feminine, I felt a well of power rising within me (more on how to do that in a minute). 

The second shift is….

#2 … we all have both masculine and feminine energies, regardless of gender, but the ratio of each is unique to us.

Understanding how much our design naturally favors masculine (structure, routine, discipline, willpower, linear) or feminine (flow, cyclical, living in the moment) significantly changes things. 

It gives us the power to do things our way, with less struggle. 


When masculine is suffocating feminine we create blocks. 

We also might create feelings of guilt, failure and shame when we experience cycles of struggle with consistency and willpower, etc.

When fem isn’t standing up to her power we also create blocks (much more on this in my next email). 

We put pressure on the masculine.

In both of those situations, we deny ourselves the beauty of the feminine in her power… intuition, magnetism, joy, transformation, creativity, flow, vulnerability, trust. 

So, why is this important and how do you lean into feminine and understand your specific design?

It’s important because it is your right to have access to the universe within you – the intuition, magnetism, joy, transformation, creativity, beauty, flow, vulnerability, trust – that already exists, when you know how to tap into it. 

How do you access it?

If you’d like to DIY – bring some consciousness to it. Notice where the more masculine energies feel like a struggle. Where they feel natural and flowing. And same with the feminine. Ask yourself, what would it feel like to rise up in my feminine and access all of the gifts of it? How could I play with it a bit more until it becomes my new norm? 

What would it feel like to take the lead from a space of empowered feminine? Even if that doesn’t make sense to your mind, tap into your body and ask the question!

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