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You got the power. Start owning it.

When is the last time you blamed someone else instead of taking a look inside?

I vividly remember doing that when I was in the early stages of healing my thyroid/autoimmune condition. Looking at my doctor like he was the devil because I was not further along in my healing process. Fortunately, thanks to his awesome ways, he called me out and said he couldn’t do it alone…. I need to contribute to my own healing process.

Um… what??? You mean criticizing my body for being inflamed and being angry at it for being sick wasn’t helping???

A year and a half later, as I write this, I can giggle about it. Of course those behaviors weren’t helping my health, and they were probably making things worse!!! But at the time, it was a profound realization followed by some massive mindset shifts. Because…

you have the power Our body absorbs every word we say and every emotion we experience.

So when we say it’s fat or we criticize it, we’re basically only delaying what it is we truly want, whether that’s greater health, to lose a few pounds, or to feel happier.

Eventually I began to feel empowered by this…

I have the ability to help my body heal. I’m not solely dependent upon external people and interventions to heal.

I went home and dove into some of my old science-y epigenetics books, and re-read things like…

“What you are thinking, feeling and believing is changing the genetic expression and chemical composition of your body on a moment-by-moment basis.” Genie in Your Genes

“The tools of our consciousness – including our beliefs, prayers, thoughts, intentions and faith – often correlate much more strongly to our health, longevity and happiness than our genes do.” Genie in Your Genes

“Several studies show that what one thinks about one’s health is the most accurate predictor of longevity ever discovered.” Larry Dossey, MD

Then I had a come-to-Jesus moment with myself. When I got honest with myself I could see that…

The majority of my thoughts were focused on my sickness not my wellness.

Because of that, the majority of my feelings were negative.

I was keeping my body stuck in sickness because my thoughts were so focused on the sickness.

From my professional training, I knew I needed to tackle my own BS on a conscious and subconscious level, because the majority of our beliefs, which direct our behaviors, stem from our subconscious.

I could consciously create the best affirmations, but it would be like icing a piece of cement instead of cake if I wasn’t clearing the stuff inside too. I dove into my trusted tools and got to work.

And then the miracle happened.

After a long time of feeling completely run down, hopeless and seriously frustrated, I started feeling better (physically and emotionally), like immediately. I took this power that I had seriously, and I started seeing signs of “old” but new and improved me returning.

I began up-leveling my thoughts, changing my behaviors, feeling my emotions, forgiving myself, listening to my body, and developing new, health-supporting habits.

It turns out my body was a wealth of knowledge. And once I started being kinder to it, it started trusting me and rewarding me with insights, guidance and health.

We started communicating. We got into a flow. I started healing. It felt like a mysterious wall had been lifted.

But it was a process of continuous elevating.

I would have been lying to myself if my thought one moment was “I am so freaking frustrated that I’m experiencing Hashimoto’s” and the next moment was “I’m perfectly healthy.”

Because I knew I wasn’t perfectly healthy, and I didn’t feel perfectly healthy.

So pretending I was perfectly healthy through an affirmation would actually have frustrated me more.

So I up-leveled bit by bit. First it was “I am healing.” And yes, overtime that changed.

Today is sounds a lot like, “my body is a badass.” Because it is and I can see that soo clearly now! (A gift of the healing journey.)

But, you have to be able to believe and emotionally connect with your thoughts and desires. It’s a constant process of up-leveling, in my opinion.

When we use our thoughts to align with what it is we want, we are owning our power.

It’s a much faster, easier and effective way to attain greater health, happiness, and whatever else it is that you are seeking. And of course, we stop blaming others. 🙂

So let me ask you…right now… In this very moment, this very week, this very month…

  • Where are you placing blame or deflecting responsibility?
  • What is one way you can change that today?
  • What’s one thought that feels good when you think it and is aligned with where you want to be?

You have the power to change simply by changing your thoughts. What have you got to lose?

P.S. If you are someone who has experienced, is experiencing or suspects you’re experiencing autoimmune, thyroid, adrenal or gut issues, and would like to learn more about how you can empower your healing process, get on the waitlist today for Happy to Heal: Everything Your Doctor’s Not Telling You About Healing Your Thyroid, Adrenals, Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Condition. Up-leveling your thoughts is only one of the many, many ways that I teach other women to empower their own healing process.


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