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I’m a Badass Mama because…

By May 4, 2016July 12th, 2016Positivity

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Whether you’re a working mama or a stay-at-home mama, you’ve probably questioned whether you’re a good enough mama. As if keeping it all together isn’t enough, you’re constantly bombarded with the latest and greatest unrealistic parenting standards.

Every week there is some kind of new theory about how you should be doing it. There’s the perfect TV family sitting down for dinner, while your kid has snot running down his face and your table looks like a bomb exploded. And the perfect picture of your friend’s kid laughing and smiling on Facebook (that was taken three seconds before she burst into tears). Finally, there’s the well-meaning peanut gallery in your life who likes to give you advice on rearing your children.

Understandably, it can get a little overwhelming. So this week, in honor of Mother’s Day, give yourself the gift of fully and utterly owning your awesome and ignoring the rest. Overwhelm yourself with kind words, instead of with doubts or criticism.

SO, here are 3 ways you can do this –

1. Name 3 Reasons You’re a Kickass Mama – start your day by looking in the mirror and telling the amazing woman you see three reasons why she’s so awesome. It might seem uncomfortable at first, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve complimented her, but it’ll feel good eventually. And if you don’t have a couple extra minutes to carve out, do it while you’re brushing your teeth, or going to the bathroom, if that’s what works!

2. “Greet It and Beat It” – when that sneaky little inner critic starts telling you you’re not doing enough for your kids, greet the thought and tell the thought to beat it. Oh hey, yeah, I hear you, and I’m not interested in what you have to say today. #byefelicia

3. Think Happy Thoughts – right after you tell it to get lost, think of a positive motherhood memory. One that makes you smile. It will boost serotonin (the happy hormone) production in your brain! Plus, when you’re busy thinking about the positive, any negative thoughts are blocked. Win/win.

So try it out and enjoy treating yourself to some overdue kindness.