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Move the Energy

By March 21, 2021June 9th, 2021Energy, Self-worth

Last week I shared a journaling prompt, to support consciously shifting your emotions and energy into alignment with a goal or dream that’s important to you.

After I do journal exercises, I love to do breathe work to fully release any lingering emotions or energy that might be stuck in my body. 

The one I’m going to teach you today is one of my favorites …

It’s fun and it MOVES energy

When we did this a few months ago in Magnetize, one of the women, who had been experiencing a sinus headache for a couple of days, literally cleared her headache. 

While I can’t guarantee THAT for everyone, I can guarantee you’ll feel a shift and open up space within for all the aligned feelings and vibes. 

Skip to 1:11 to go straight to the exercise.