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Spiritual Adventures in Sedona

By February 16, 2015December 28th, 2015Uncategorized

Tired and hoping for a miracle, I drove to Sedona from San Diego. I had a sinking feeling that three days there wasn’t going to scrape the surface of what I needed. My energy had been low for months, I was sick, and I was dealing with adrenal and thyroid issues.

As I pulled into Sedona, I felt a sense of familiarity. Like I had been there before, even though I hadn’t been. I felt drawn to the beautiful red mountains (in a heart pounding kind of way), which I was unusual since I’m more of an ocean than desert girl.

Molly Sedona

The next day I had my first scheduled activity – a guided hike with a guy I found online. Too many Datelines in my head, I wondered if it was really safe. But, he was rated highly on TripAdvisor, so I figured it will be OK. Thoughts ruminated in my head. I’m not even into hiking. It is something I feel like I should do – not something I feel passionate about. I have no energy. I haven’t worked out since December. How am I going to hike for four hours and enjoy this???

At 2:15 the next day, Clint, the guide, was waiting for me outside of the Inn. Feeling his energy, I knew the Dateline fears were unfounded and that I was in for a much deeper experience than just a hike. Before I could say it, Clint knew I was going through a transition and had been for a while. Although he didn’t label himself intuitive or healer, it was clear within a few moments that he is.

He began asking me questions. As I was waking up to the reality that this was going to be very different than I expected, I felt fidgety-uncomfortable inside. His listening went far beyond my words. My best efforts at diverting attention away from me failed. He strongly held a space in our conversation to gather as much information as possible so he could take me to the spots that best aided my healing.

At the first site, we walked to the end of the path and sat (uncomfortably close) to the edge of the cliff. His body relaxed into the space as if he was lounging on a comfy chair that was only a few inches off the ground. I flexed from being comfortable, to having visions of falling down and dying, to examining which tree below might break my fall, to feeling like I could fly off the cliff. All of those perfectly mirrored the reactions I was having in my life: feeling comfortable, envisioning failure, creating a back-up plan, while also envisioning success. The closer I sat to the edge of each cliff, the more my fears and insecurities surfaced and released.

As we sat, Clint guided me through a process of setting intentions for each space. While he shared insights and nuggets of wisdom, he primarily guided me to ask the beautiful, healing earth to give me the guidance I was seeking. It felt strange, even for this open-minded-hippie-at-heart, but I was willing to be open to it. (Although, I didn’t expect much.) As I leaned into the process, I began to understand what he was explaining to me. It was the first time I wholeheartedly and consciously experienced the intelligence of the universe. It’s almost impossible to describe what happened other than to say forty-five minutes later I was climbing a tree and felt like a giddy child inside, full of life, love and energy. It felt like magic.

We traveled to more sacred sites, which involved hiking up steep hidden paths, protected by thorny bushes. Visiting ancient ruins. Experiencing sacred rituals and traditions. Listening to beautiful native chants and prayers. I meditated, set intentions, prayed and asked for guidance at each stop.

To help with my healing process, in my meditations I visualized a bright, glowing yellow color – representing healthy adrenals. (Adrenals are physically located near our solar plexus, which is the color yellow.) I pictured a beautiful butterfly fluttering its wings – representing a healthy thyroid. (Thyroid resembles the shape of a butterfly.)

At each site I could feel the healing power of the earth vibrating beneath me as I channeled information from guides above me. It was the clearest, fastest channeling I’ve ever done, with so many messages it is impossible to remember all of them. I could feel hands on my neck opening the energy from my throat to my heart (although no one else was physically there). The experience was a beautiful reminder that we don’t have to have all of the answers. There is guidance and support available to us if we just ask for it and open our hearts to it.

At the end of the first day I felt like a completely different person. As I drove to get dinner, every song that came on Sirius felt like the most amazing song ever sang. I was blaring the music and singing along. The dirt on my body from hiking and being outdoors most of the day felt refreshing. (Feeling dirt on my body isn’t normally a welcomed sensation!) A physical reminder of the feeling I had during the day. I felt like a kid again – without a care in the world – able to play outdoors all daylong. No computers, no work, no phone, no responsibility, no pressure.

I went on a second hike two days later, which was as equally amazing in a different way. It too came with more lessons than can fit in this blog (stay tuned for more). At a certain point I knew I had received my miracle. Many miracles. My energy was restored, and I had newfound clarity in many areas of my life.

Clint left me for ten minutes at a final spot so I could share my gratitude for my experience in a mediation. The area was a 360-degree view of the biggest mountains in Sedona. Absolutely spectacular. As I finished my meditation, and my time at Sedona, I opened my eyes to a yellow butterfly gently fluttering about a foot in front of my face. It was the first and only butterfly I saw in the time I was there.


If you’re headed to Sedona and are interested, you can contact Clint at