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Be a Magnetic Force For Receiving

By May 14, 2020December 11th, 2022Energy

You believe in spiritual concepts like mindfulness, manifesting, law of attraction and such. But when it comes to getting results, your get-shit-done muscle usually hijacks the situation.

In theory you trust that the universe has your back. In application, you rely on yourself to get the results you’re seeking. 

You’re doing it the hard way, sister. (But you already knew that.)

Just like I was. My control, struggle and force muscles used to be the size of 1984 Arnold Schwarzenegger biceps.

I would run over my mindfulness practice and put my trust in working faster, harder and longer than anyone else, being hard on myself the whole time, only to feel like I was run over in the long run. In recovery mode, I’d dive back into my spiritual practices.

That’s not only a joy-sucking approach to life, it’s also unsustainable (bye-bye balance, vitality, relationships, health).

Over the last decade I had several “teachers” that helped me more deeply embody my spiritual beliefs.

Thyroid disease was a mirror reflecting the sabotaging behaviors and self-critical mindsets I had mastered.

Infertility taught me to lean deep into trusting the universe and to receive with grace and ease.

And giving birth to my daughter birthed a new way of life … operating from my old masculine patterns weren’t even an option.

Life and/or my body clapped back so hard and fast any time I attempted to dip my toes into the pond of old behaviors (controlling, doubting, criticizing, forcing or working harder).

I had no choice but to live life differently, in a way I always visualized but never quite prioritized. 

And while yes, I am “woo”, I am also super practical (Boston girl at heart). I had to figure out WTH it meant for me to let things be easy. To expand my capacity to receive without sacrificing my body and life. To stay in the flow of life when I had limited time and high demands. To let success feel easier.

Because … I love you Deepak, but right now it’s not always possible to meditate under a tree twice a day for 30 minutes while being a mom to a toddler, with a business and a household to run, three pets to care for, a body to get back into shape, friends to see and a husband to love.

And, what about the other 1380 minutes in the day? How do I avoid slipping back into maniac mode and start leading with my ability to receive instead of my get-shit-done muscles?

So, I spent months deconstructing what it actually meant to live life this new way. A way in which I let my intuition, faith and trust lead the show while my inner achiever played a supporting role.

I talked with spiritual teachers, business coaches, successful mom business owners, and opened myself to receiving guidance from my spirit guides (they had a lot to say LOL).

I started experimenting with what spoke to me and observing results. Yes, there were results! Powerful ones.

I started feeling on a day-to-day basis more like the woman I had experienced in visualizations for years. (You know, the more carefree, joyful, evolved version, effortlessly giving and receiving). 😉

Now I feel ready to share with you all the magic I discovered to help you elevate to your next level of receiving … with greater ease and less struggle.

Join my complimentary 1-hour Magnetize Masterclass and get allll the details so you can feel the same way too! 

And in the meantime, take some time to reflect…

Where do you feel, see, experience a lack of alignment between…
what you believe and what you receive?
what you believe and how you behave?

An easy way to discover those is to look at the contradictions. Here are a few examples…

  • Doing abundance meditations and then feeling fearful about or avoiding your finances.
  • Setting positive intentions and then letting your self-doubt dominate your thoughts.
  • Nourishing your body with healthy foods and then criticizing its appearance.
  • Visualizing achieving your dreams and then wavering in indecision.
  • And of course, trusting you’re supported by the universe and then forcing everything.

Contradictions like those are clues that there’s a lack of alignment between a belief/desire and your ability to receive it. They’re also opportunities.

They are guiding us to the areas that are not energetically aligned. And we have the power to align them, which is what I’m going to get into over the next few months.

Because… we can do abundance meditations, for example, until we are blue in the face, but until we heal the underlying relationship with finances, we are not energetically aligning with our desire for abundance.

Soooo… let me know what comes up for you! (I love nerding out on this topic.)

PS are you as ready as I am to dive into this work?