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Boost your joy in 30 seconds or less

By June 5, 2017August 7th, 2017Gratitude, Positivity, Self-worth

I want to share with you an awesome tool from Wild Light Warrior…because it’s so simple and quick, but also effective. Try it at least once! ☺  I discovered it kind of randomly.  It all started one night before bed. I felt excited and recommitted to using positive affirmations while reading a book.

The next morning, as I was starting to wake up, this voice inside of me went on a 30 second positive affirmation spree, which I now call a Shine Spree. Because I literally felt an extra burst of happiness throughout the day. Like I was shining and glowing all day, despite what circumstances popped up. There’s only one trick to it…

Do it as soon as you realize you’re waking up. My first Shine Spree happened in that space between being kind of awake but not fully awake. That little space has some extra magic to it. Your mind isn’t awake enough to start disagreeing with the kind words you’re saying! Like…

You’re beautiful. You’re smart. You’re amazing.  You poop rainbows.

As it was happening, there was a moment when I realized these words were free flowing and nothing was interrupting (ahem, ego). So I kept going, and it felt pretty amazing. At some point, as I became more awake, my ego started to butt in. So I stopped the process and got out of bed, not expecting much but feeling grateful for the pleasant experience.

The words that came to me that morning were not affirmations I had created previously. They were coming from somewhere within me – perhaps gifts from the divine. Who knows.

Woman stretching in bed after wake up

The next day, the same thing. And the same result. I felt great throughout the day. It didn’t mean my day went perfectly, but I had an extra spark in my energy that helped me encounter all aspects of my day with a little more grace.

The third day I didn’t remember to do it until I was getting out of bed. I missed that little window of non-ego-interference. But I still engaged in my Shine Spree. It didn’t feel quite as magical, to be honest, and I wasn’t sure if it worked. And then later, as I was driving in my car, I realized that every song that came on the radio was AH-MAY-ZING.

Kind of like in your 20s when you’re buzzed and EVERY song that comes on the radio is the BEST. I was having that kind of moment without all the alcohol and while pushing 40 LOL! I’m constantly flicking through stations, so I know this shift with my songs was due to my Shine Spree. 😉 What can I say – sometimes the littlest things create major shifts that appear in subtle ways!

In honor of how short and sweet the Shine Spree is, I’m going to keep this week’s blog short and sweet! All you have to do is…

  1. Before bed ask for support remembering to go on a Shine Spree when you wake up (your body and the divine will help you)
  2. As you’re waking, say something kind to yourself…and keep going or keep allowing. It might feel like you’re saying it or like it’s rising from somewhere within you. Go unconscious and let your light lead the spree.
  3. If you miss that sweet spot in between kind of awake and fully awake, do it anyway, and ignore your ego if it tries to chime in.

Remember all the cells in your body are either cheerleaders or critics. Starting your day off with this technique gets those trillions of cells positively amped up to support your mood and day!  Try it and let me know how it goes!


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