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your manifesting style

By October 22, 2021October 28th, 2021Energy, Manifesting, Self-worth

I’ve had friends who can manifest exactly what they want when they want.

My experience is … not that! 

If you’re the same way – your road is a little windier with a few more surprises – it doesn’t mean you’re not good at this whole manifesting thing!

Here’s a video where me and my friend Emma share the following, all based in Human Design:

  • the two different manifesting types
  • how to tell which one you are
  • what visualizing looks like given your style
  • what goal setting means for your style

AAAND, since it’s a replay, you can watch it at a faster speed than live! 😉 #transformtime

It’s available on YouTube or in my Facebook group

To get your Human Design chart (free), click here.

PS I have a treat coming for you next week! ☺