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Chakras and Food – What does energy have to do with our weight?

By April 21, 2014September 2nd, 2014Chakras, Reiki

Well, plenty. Anytime something is off in our external world, it’s a direct result of something being off internally. How does that work? When we block our feelings, we create blocks in our energy body that manifest as problems in our lives. Then, we medicate the internal issue with an external solution, such as food. We begin overeating, binging, controlling, restricting or obsessing.

Each of us has seven energy centers, called chakras, which represent specific areas of our life. If you’re struggling with weight or food issues, you might be able to identify below which chakra is imbalanced and begin to think about how you can balance it.

chakrasSome examples…

Our root chakra represents money, safety and physical stability in life. If, for example, in childhood there was never enough to go around (instability), in adulthood you might eat everything last bite on your plate even if you’re full. Or, when you feel fear (lack of safety), or face money stress, maybe you use food as a comfort. What fear around safety and money might you be holding?

Our sacral chakra represents our beliefs related to appetites and desires, as well as our creativity and sexuality. Where in your life aren’t your appetites and desires being fulfilled? Rather, filled with food? Your creativity stuffed?

Our solar plexus represents our personal power and control center. When we over or under eat, we are controlling a feeling we don’t want to feel. How are you using control to avoid feeling? Where are you not stepping into your power?

Our heart chakra represents our beliefs concerning love and relationships. When we stuff our feelings, we end up stuffing our bodies with food as comfort. Where aren’t you feeling love in your life – from yourself, others? What are some other ways you can fulfill that need? How does your relationship with food reflect other relationships in your life?

Our throat chakra represents our expression center. It reflects our communication as well as our ability to express our true selves to the world. What’s holding you back from showing the world your truth? Your greatness?

As you reflect on these examples, remember a few things. What we resist persists. There’s no healing without feeling. Even if it’s scary, owning up to some of the feelings you’re avoiding might be the first step in improving your relationship with food and weight. Finally, I used food and weight as an example today, but you can replace that with any issue you’re struggling with…drinking, shopping, etc.

Of course, if you want help, energy healing is a great way to clear chakras. Message me or email if you’d like more information or to explore how energy healing/Reiki might help you in your journey.