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Leaning out of self-judgment…do you do this too?

By February 9, 2021June 9th, 2021Positivity, Self-worth

Have you experienced this…

All of a sudden you find yourself back in the same old cycle of struggle … battling with those five pounds, stressing about not having enough time, feeling rundown/low energy … whatever your cycle looks like … you know the one I’m talking about. The one you swore you were done with.


As soon as you notice it, BOOM, you’re hit with a wave of self-judgment, which might sound like…

WTF is wrong with me.

I need to fix this.

I can’t believe I’m dealing with this again.

(Insert your go-to response ________________________.)

Are ya with me?

You get stuck in your head, analyzing, judging, (masculine energies). 

Sometimes this is even followed with a promise that this will NEVER happen again, but of course, you’ve said that before and yet here we are.

I want to offer a simple approach to help shift out of this cycle.

It’s an exercise we went through the other day in Magnetize, and it not only shifts your energy out of the self-judgment, which perpetuates the cycle, but it also brings you to an elevated vibration. 

The invitation is to…

Instead of greeting those moments with judgment, greet them with compassion and love.

Lean into them with grace through your heart. (Ahem, feminine energies). 

Love your way through those moments. 

Love your way through the thoughts that aren’t aligned, the feelings that aren’t welcome, and the visions that aren’t supportive of your dreams. 

Love yourself through them. 

Meet the aspect of you that created those pain. Hug her. Embrace her. And gently nudge her back into her power, without judging her. Without criticizing her. 

Accept her. Accept her. Accept her.

She’s done some big-time ass kicking and growing and healing to get you where you are today. 

Love all she has done for you. 

Love every aspect of her, even the self-labeled cringey ones. 

Love her pain. 

Love her promise. 


See all of her right in this moment, without judgment. Just love. For all she has done to be here today. For all of the pain she’s experienced and overcome. For her willingness to continue to show up for you. 

Love her. 

Love her. 

Love her. 

She is not broken. She is breaking patterns. 

She is not low vibration. She is evolving to a higher vibration. 

She is not a failure. She has persisted through the pain. 

She is magnificent. 

You are magnificent. 

All of you – every part – is lovable. 

This is flow. 

This is the opposite of resistance. 

This approach moves the energy within instead of creating blocks.

In this month of “love,” if you notice the struggle cycle bubbling up, greet it with love. 

Lean in with your heart. Notice with your head.

Feel the shift in your energy and in the cycle.

Let me know how it goes for you, and PS, Happy Valentine’s Day, friend.