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Using Energy Medicine for IVF Success

By November 20, 2018May 14th, 2020IVF and Fertility

Since our first egg retrieval resulted in only one viable embryo, we committed to doing another one. Thankfully, the results of our second egg retrieval were stronger, and the recovery was much easier for me. All other factors being the same, there was one thing I did that contributed to the difference between the first and second egg retrievals, which I’m going to share with you in this blog. I seriously hope you consider trying!

Before I jump into that, let me say that if you’re recovering from an egg retrieval, I am sending you some love. Seriously. I know what you’re going through. You will feel like yourself again, I promise.

I have read that some women have an easy time with egg retrievals, although I have yet to meet someone in person who hasn’t struggled. The procedure itself isn’t too bad, in my experience, except for the anesthesia recovery, but my first cycle after the procedure was gruesome.

When all of the hormones (from the injections) were detoxing from my body through my period, I caught myself thinking, oh, this must be kind of what postpartum depression feels like. The physical pain was excruciating, and I sobbed and hid in my house every day. My body and emotions were totally out of whack. Like the worst PMS you’ve ever had times a million. My flow was so heavy I was afraid to shower: seeing it in the shower freaked me out, and irrationally, I didn’t want to ruin our new towels. Confiding this to a girlfriend, she said, fuck your new towels. Bleed all over them and bury them in the earth. The earth needs your blood.For some reason that comment became the catalyst to feeling like myself again, and off to the shower I went, prepared to destroy the new towels. Of course, once I stopped resisting my flow, it slowed. 🙂

As I started to get back to normal, and think about the second egg retrieval, I felt desperate to find a way to make the recovery process easier. There had to be something in my bag of woo tricks that I could use! Thankfully, since my doctor gave my body two months to heal in between procedures, my head cleared and I remembered something I used when healing Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism.

Now remember, in case your woo level is a little less than mine, I experienced proven results from doing this, so keep an open mind. 😉 The embryo we got while integrating this technique into the mix ended up being our healthiest embryo and the one that successfully stuck during the transfer and is growing in my belly as I type (18 weeks). And, my first cycle after the second egg retrieval felt like a normal cycle, despite the heavy flow. I felt much more emotionally and physically balanced.

OK, let me attempt to explain…

You may have experienced this or know someone who has… you have a medical issue. You go on medication. The medication helps the issue, but it begins taxing another organ in your body, creating the need for another medication to deal with the symptom created by the original medication. Following?

That’s what was happening when I used fertility meds, and part of why detoxing from them was so shocking to my system. While the fertility meds were doing their job and boosting my reproductive system, they were taxing other organs in my body, such as my liver and kidney. Ultimately, for the best result, you want all organs and systems running at the highest possible caliber and working together. Which is how I used Energy Medicine in the IVF process and my Hashimoto’s healing process.

Eden Energy Medicine was founded by a woman, Donna Eden, who suffered from debilitating health issues, including MS. Told by her doctors there was nothing else they could do for her, she took matters into her own hands. Gifted with the ability to see energy, she began observing what was going on in her own body. Noticing where energy wasn’t connecting or moving as it should be. She healed her body using techniques she created by monitoring her energy patterns. She went on to develop a healing technique, recognize worldwide, for others to use, called Eden Energy Medicine and has written several popular books, including Energy Medicine. Today there are Energy Medicine practitioners around the globe, one of whom I worked with directly, Debrah.

When I was trying to wrap my head around how to explain this powerful healing modality, Deborah shared the following with me.

She said that energy is everything (yes!). Each organ in our bodies has its own function and vibration, which each communicate with each other to work properly. If there is a blockage in our energy flow, it affects our organs and our whole system. Commands might be missed, etc.

This made sense to me as I remember learning something similar in my thyroid healing journey. Each of our organs has an internal clock that lets it know when it is time to do its “job” (circadian rhythm). When illness occurs the internal time clock can get confused and the organ may not communicate and function properly, affecting our whole system.

Debrah, and other Energy Medicine practitioners, use this technique to see where the energy blocks are and to connect with the organs. This happens through working with the meridian points.

Armed with a list of all of the fertility meds I was using, Deborah assessed how my body was responding to each of them. Which meds were being accepted by my organs and which were creating blocks against it. Once the struggles and the blocks were identified, she was able to get things flowing again, creating less work for my organs and my body. Some of the drugs weren’t taxing my body at all; some were.I used this technique for the fertility meds for my second egg retrieval as well as the fertility meds for the embryo transfer, which were different.

The actual session is relaxing. I lied on a massage table while Debrah touched different meridian points on my body, eventually making waving movements with her hands, getting the energy to flow where any blockages existed. I did a session before and after the second egg retrieval ($180 each, cost varies by practitioner) and before the embryo transfer.

There was also homework Debrah gave me at certain points in my thyroid healing journey. I’d press some meridian points while I watched the Real Housewives, LOL. You don’t have to see energy to use the techniques as Donna Eden built out a system for anyone to use.

I can continue trying to make this vast and beautiful healing technique more tangible, but a better use of your time would be to find someone in your area and give it a try. At the end of the day fertility journeys are EXPENSIVE and this is a relatively inexpensive intervention that could lead to profound results, like it did for me. There’s no harm in trying something once. 🙂

And in the meantime, remember that the energy we put into something affects the outcome. When you’re injecting your hormone shots, thank the shots and what they’ll do for you, even if they’re painful and you’re ready to be done with them, lol!

To look for an energy medicine practitioner in your area, you can search here. Or, if you’re interested in connecting with Debrah, the woman I worked with, you can contact her at She does work with people remotely.


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