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3 Life-Changing Questions to Ask Yourself

By November 3, 2014November 11th, 2014Chakras, Energy

Lately I’ve been so inspired by the messages I’m receiving from people all over the country. People who are taking life by the horns, which, as I’m sure you know, requires some big-time stepping outside of your comfort zone. It takes courage, guts and giant leaps of faith. So to my friends out there who are in the middle of taking a leap, this blog is for you. 😉 To those who have a little seed planted deep in their mind about a leap they’d like to make, I hope this blog serves as a little fertilizer.

To clarify, a leap outside your comfort zone could be anything…starting a business, starting or ending a relationship, starting a yoga practice, leading a meditation event, changing a mental thought pattern, and much more. Our comfort zones are all different. Regardless of the specific details, here’s what I’ve found to be true when you get ready to take a leap.

  •  Your ego is going to fight like hell to get you back into your comfort zone. It will tell you that you won’t succeed.
  •  You will become painfully aware of any self-worth issues that may have been lingering underneath the surface.
  • You may become extra sensitive to what others think of you and may even assume the worst (which often isn’t true!).

I am no stranger to this process or to those feelings. The process is exhilarating and exhausting all at once. Going from a safe corporate career to an unknown energy healing one raised quite a few reactions within myself and amongst my fans, friends and skeptics. In those moments of doubt, I used the following three questions to get myself, or my clients, back on track.

More of the same or the life you’ve always wanted?

You will have moments of wondering if you’re crazy for embarking on your journey. At points you’ll also wonder, should I crawl back into my comfort zone? (The safe paycheck, the familiar relationship, the known.) It’s safe there! And it’ll feel good for at least a few hours! But inevitably the safe feeling will provide comfort for only so long.

Life will continue to dangle more of the same carrots at you as you step into what you’ve always wanted. (Testing you to see how serious you are about your leap.) When you’re having those moments, ask yourself: more of the same or the life you’ve always wanted?

A leader asked me that question in 2009 in my coach-training program. The question was so blunt — my gut responded loud and clear. Hell no I do not want more of the same! It didn’t mean I changed over night. But that question has probably been the most powerful catalyst to get me back on track. It reminds me that I’d rather fail trying than never try at all.

If not now, when?

When I work with clients I often notice timing can be a big delay mechanism. A sneaky tool used to keep them in their comfort zone. (Personally I’m a leap-then-think style so I don’t use this one as much, but for my friends out there who are smart enough to think before leaping, this one will help you!) Timing will never be perfect. It will always be perfectly imperfect.

More often than not, I hear, I wish I’d done that sooner, rather than the opposite. Whether it’s releasing an underperforming employee, or ending an unhealthy relationship. Sometimes we let the emotionally difficult part of the leap handicap us. But there’s a fine line about being sensitive to the details of it and delaying it out of fear. Which leads to the next question.

Am I making this decision/thinking this thought/taking this action based on fear?

Ahhhh yes, the dirty four-letter F word. Fear. Face Everything and Rise or Face Everything and Run. What’s your relationship with fear? Do you tend to be a runner or a riser?

Fear-based decision-making is one of the few areas of my life that I am extremely disciplined. I have a solid practice of checking in with myself to see if I am making a fear-based choice. I have a firm policy around this — never make a decision based on fear. It gets easier over time to recognize and re-direct.

Related to fear, our brains are still wired like cavemen. While most threats these days are psychological ones, our bodies react as if there’s a starving great white in front of us. Our system goes haywire, floods with stress hormones, and in the moment we need it the most, our brains are the least reliable. This is when I’d suggest using your gut and your heart instead of your mind. When you take a moment to check in with either of those, it will release the power of your racing thoughts. It’s mindfully choosing not to trust the crazy mind and instead taking a few deep breaths and checking in with your core, your truth.

How this affects our energy centers

When we’re taking a leap outside of our comfort zone, two of our energy centers will be triggered. The first is our root chakra, located at the base of our spine, which energetically is our foundation in life. When we’re shaking things up in our life, naturally our foundation might have a few cracks. To sooth that, keep some oils on hand (patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, ginger or thyme), get out in nature (30 minutes with your feet on the grass or the sand), exercise, and of course tapping or meditation will help ground you as well!

The second center that is affected is our solar plexus, located at our upper stomach (gut area). The solar plexus is where we energetically house the ego and self-worth issues. In addition to oils (lavender, bergamot, juniper, peppermint), exercise, tapping and meditation, you can do a visualization technique. Visualize a white healing light coming from your hand as you place it over your upper stomach area. Visualize the white glow releasing any energies of fear, doubt or lack of self-worth. To boost that even further, put one of the oils, for example lavender, on the palm of your hand as you do the visualization.

A final few words….
If you’re taking a leap of faith out of your comfort zone into something that’s in your highest and greatest good, most of the following is likely true (even if you can’t fully believe it yet). You’ve got nothing to lose. You’ve got everything to gain. You’ve got everything you need to do it. The world will benefit from your efforts. The world needs what you have to give. Your approval of yourself is more important than approval of others. Pick one of those statements, own it and say it regularly!

If this topic resonates with you, be on the look out. Later this month I’ll be sending out a tapping video for ‘stepping out of your comfort zone.’