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Forget worry…send a light flurry

By April 5, 2016July 12th, 2016Energy

A very close friend of mine recently received some upsetting news and naturally felt quite stressed as a result. A short while after speaking with her, I realized how crappy I was feeling inside. I was worrying about my friend. Plus, I began personalizing her situation. Allowing it to bring up old feelings of similar memories in my past. And in doing all of this, I felt really down. Anxious, fearful, and rocking a major lack mindset.

I was allowing my thoughts to imagine the worst, which created these yucky feelings. When I gained awareness of this, I realized it isn’t helping me and it isn’t helping my friend. Ultimately being worried for someone does not change the situation. There are other (and better) ways to show concern and care for someone. So I changed my thinking.

I started holding a space for her that no matter what she’d be fine. I began calling in support for her from the universe. And guess what? My mood completely changed. I felt confident and optimistic.

Guess what else? Holding a positive space for my friend is doing her a much greater service than worrying about her. Our energy affects one another. Sending worried energy to her is the last thing she needs. Holding a space of healing and happiness…much better solution.

It doesn’t mean denying the situation. It means listening to my friend and consciously choosing to respond in a way that better supports her recovery from this situation, instead of worrying. And, as mentioned, it feels so much better internally to operate from this place than from a place of scarcity and fear. Win/win.

Even though it’s easy to slip into worry mode when we love someone, I challenge you next time to respond differently. To hold a space in your head and your heart that helps your loved one elevate their happiness, health, or whatever else is needed.

In this week’s vlog I talk more about this topic, including more about how our energy affects one another. Less worry. More light. Check it out below…

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