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Breaking Addiction to Struggle

By April 14, 2014September 4th, 2014Energy

Have you ever noticed that accepting the good that comes to you sometimes feels uncomfortable? Struggle is so familiar that positive results, especially seemingly effortless ones, become an unfamiliar experience. Negative ones become familiar, expected and even comfortable to us.

Last year I became a little disenchanted with vision boards and manifesting, etc. Nothing I seemed to be pasting on the board seemed to be happening. Then I learned that I was approaching it with missing pieces. While I was pasting pretty pictures of the outcomes I wanted, lack was still my mindset. I wasn’t allowing for what the universe wanted to give me. My underlying operating system was focusing on not having it over having it.

I’ve learned that there is science behind the statement, “what we think we become.” It turns out those pesky thoughts also impact our energy field. When are clear about what we want, we focus on it, and FEEL it, things begin to happen. By feeling, we attune to the vibration of having it. When we focus on not having something, we further attune to the energy of not having it. Unfortunately that’s where we spend most of our mental energy – on that which we don’t want!

Which brings me to allowing for it. When I started thinking and feeling from a place of already existing, things started changing quickly. In doing that I began allowing for it. Grace entered. Every day I’d wake up to a new client to help. Financial goals started happening months ahead of schedule. My dreams started becoming reality. It felt strange and overwhelming!

I am still on my own journey with this, but today the positive feels much more comfortable to me. Each day brings new temptation for operating from a place of lack, but now I have the tools to catch it and redirect my thinking. Try it for yourself…get clear on what you want, ask for it, believe it will happen, feel what it will be like when it does happen, and you will be blown away by the results. What have you got to lose?