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Drop the struggle. Get more flow and energy…

By February 13, 2017March 6th, 2017Energy, Moon

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share with you some things that have completely shifted how I live and run my business, which has resulted in less stress and struggle and greater flow and ease. I AM SO EXCITED to share this stuff…because who doesn’t need a few tricks to make life easier?!

It all started once my energy and strength started returning after my thyroid ordeal. I had a whole new respect for my energy and became interested in understanding how to maximize it. I became conscientious about how I was using it. I wanted to know how I could put less pressure and stress on my mind and body while growing my business and living a great life. In other words, how could I create what I want in life without burning out again?

I noticed that some days particular tasks seemed daunting and other days they felt easy. For example, blogging. Some days it flowed. Other days not so much. Same thing with bookkeeping and more. Why, I wondered. Then I heard Kate Northrup speak at an event I attended, and it brought me down a whole new path of understanding how to get into a better rhythm with my energy.

Bear with me for a second while I set this up for you. Y’all know our world is cyclical. Women have a monthly cycle. The moon has a monthly cycle. We have four seasons throughout the year. It turns out those (monthly and seasonal cycles) have similar energy patterns, which affect our individual energy levels. Once we’re aware of them, and where we are at in each, we can use that information to maximize our energy and efforts!

For example, the new moon, women’s menses, and the wintertime are all when life force is lowest. Whereas, the full moon, women’s ovulation, and summertime are high energy. Often women’s cycles will coincide with the moon cycle, which is why women’s cycles are also referred to as their moon cycle. The highest number of conception happens during the full moon, and many women have their periods during the new moon. Plus, both cycles are typically around the same length.

Let me turn this into practical information for you!

Below is a modified version of a graph that is literally in my business planner, which I refer to each month as I schedule out my business and personal activities. Feel free to do the same! You will feel a shift! 🙂

Menses – Winter – New Moon (3-7 days)

  • Life force (energy) is low
  • Reflects “darkness” in life
  • Good time for psychological and physical cleansing
  • Gentle movement
  • A great time for going within to reflect on what’s working and what’s not working in your life (relationships, finances, etc.) as well as to set some new intentions
  • Strong connection with intuition and feminine divine

Follicular – Spring – after new moon (7-10 days)

  • High, upbeat, outgoing energy, including strong physical energy
  • Great time to initiate “new” in life (projects, workouts, experiences, financial plans, etc.)
  • Great time to do our most mentally challenging projects
  • Expanded levels of ideas and creativity

Ovulation – Summer – Full Moon (3-4 days)

  • Mental and emotional creativity at its peak
  • Good energy levels (unless you’re disconnected from body)
  • Great time to socialize, go on dates, do some masterminding (financial or other) and do intense workouts
  • Communication skills at peak, energy is “magnetic”

Luteal – Fall – after full moon (10-14 days)

  • Decline in energy; invitation to turn inward
  • Great time for nesting, administrative, detail-oriented, routine tasks, updating books
  • Self-care is critical, less socializing
  • If not honoring body, may experience PMS symptoms
  • Notice what worries us, it’s our inner voice talking to us during this time

Practical Ways to Use This Information…

  1. As much as possible, you can plan your activities according to the moon cycle.

For example, I try to write as many blogs and social media posts as possible during either the follicular/spring or full moon/ovulation/summer when my energy and creativity are high.

If there is something you’ve been meaning to organize, try it during the luteal/fall/several days after the full moon time. I just cleaned out my garage thanks to taking advantage of some great luteal energy!

If there is a new workout or other program you want to start, schedule it during the follicular/spring/post new moon period.

Planning a reunion or other gathering in advance? Plan it around the full moon or leading up to the full moon, when social energy is at its peak.

  1. Notice what you’ve been naturally doing.

Have you been craving a nice long walk instead of your usual intense workout? Check to see where the moon is at in its cycle or where you’re at in yours. I bet it’s menses/winter/new moon time.

Are you bursting with new ideas? I bet it’s around the full moon/summer/ovulation time.

Are you feeling low energy? I bet it’s around the new moon time or your moon time.

What is this going to do for me?

Personally, I’ve felt much less struggle and dread since being mindful of this information. I know how to work with my energy better, and my expectations are more realistic.

When I have the power to, I schedule things out according to my cycles and I experience less stress and pushing. The process flows smoother and I don’t feel as tired afterwards.

If I need to do something creative during a time in my cycle/the moon cycle that isn’t ideal energy-wise, I am mindful that it’s probably going to take me longer and require more patience than if it were during the full moon cycle.

I also procrastinate less. I FEEL the difference between struggling through a task and easing my way through the same task. One definitely feels better than the other and is less taxing on my body and mind. So, if I’m feeling creative, I let myself be creative, even if there are other things I planned on doing. I let my energy dictate my activities where and when possible. This has literally made me more productive, and I am also enjoying things more than before.

What’s an intention you’d like to set as you begin to play with using this information? Greater flow? Less stress? More productivity? More creativity?

Do I need to know my personal moon cycle to follow this guidance?

The short answer is no, you don’t. If you no longer get your personal moon cycle, or your birth control prevents ovulation, you can always follow the moon cycle.

If you do ovulate, I’d recommend getting familiar with your cycle. I personally find it helpful for understanding my body and its energy. If your moon cycle doesn’t exactly coincide with the moon cycle, you might find it helpful to be aware of your personal cycle.

Our own moon cycle and the cosmic moon cycle might be off by a few days since they’re not always the exact same in length. I’ve read that the closer our cycle is to the moon cycle, the less the painful our cycles feel (ahem, PMS). Which makes sense…if our “low energy” period is the same as the planet’s low energy phase, we’re not struggling against an opposite energy. Same on the flip side….if our energy is highest when the planet’s energy is highest, we’re firing on all cylinders.

Please don’t worry if your cycle and the moon cycle aren’t in sync…if you wish to align them, you can literally ask your body sync up with the moon cycle, and it will. Mine did.

How do I get started?

Identify where you’re at in your own moon cycle or in the moon cycle. Look at your plans for the next few weeks, and move a couple of things around so they better align with your energy levels. Notice how they feel different when your energies are in sync. If it feels good, align more things in your life and enjoy the ease and flow!

P.S. The above summary I created is the result of me studying from several different resources: (1) Women’s Bodies; Women’s Wisdom by Christiane Northrup (highly, highly recommend for so many reasons), (2) WomenCode by Alisa Vitti, and (3) Kate Northrup live at AWS. Check out all of those resources for some awesome and more detailed info!