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Your 5 Year Plan: Inspiring or Anxiety-Provoking?

By January 14, 2021June 9th, 2021Choices, Moon, Positivity

The first new moon was this week, which means we’re officially in 2021. ☺

Today I want to talk to you about making your goal setting, intention setting and strategic planning (or anything else you do), more YOU.

Because the more you it is, the less struggle it will be.

(Even if you’ve already completed your planning and visualizing for the year, I have a challenge for you below…)

As I’ve mentioned previously, a spiritual theme for this year is balancing the masculine and feminine within us and within the collective.

We can start doing that with our new year planning activities.

There are endless methods, practices and tools to support you in putting together a plan for the year and beyond. SMART goals, vision boards, strategic planning sessions.

(And PS a lot of these tools are highly masculine in nature.)

There are experts that will tell you their way is THE BEST way, and it might be for some.

But right now, as you read this my friend, some of you will feel excited about planning out a whole year. Or five. And some of you will feel constricted by it.

And neither is right or wrong.

But what is “wrong” … if we want to use that language … is forcing yourself (masculine energy) to use a tool that doesn’t leave you feeling light the eff up (aka flowing = feminine energy).

I invite you to support (masculine) what feels (feminine) aligned with YOU.

Which feels best to you…

(Close your eyes if you must and tune in. Notice any feelings … constriction, flow, other.)

1 – Having a vision of what you’d like to create and focusing on one quarter at a time?

2 – Having a vision what you’d like to create and focusing on the whole year?

3 – Or, something in between or outside of those?

What did you notice as you tuned in and asked yourself those questions? Did any guidance appear in the form of a sensation or bodily response (deep breath, etc.)? Other?

As I’ve also spoken about recently, we’re all designed differently. So … obviously, tools will resonate differently with each of us.

But society has groomed us into believing we NEED to have our 5-year plan with goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

Five-year plans with smart goals are … well … very masculine in energy, a reflection of the masculine dominant structures in our society.

Which again, might be great for some. But if you’re not one of them, the good news is…

We get to choose what works for us. We don’t have to automatically choose/use something just because everyone else is. 

I prefer unrealistic goals, trust in universal timing, and measure mostly by feeling. I aim for a blend of intuition (fem) and inspired action (masc). I have a vision for my long-term future that excites me and a plan of how to get there, but I’m not overly attached to the specifics. Focusing on 3 months at a time feels best. That’s what feels good to me and has given me proven results.

(Mea culpa to those who I forced into doing SMART goals while I was an HR exec in the corporate space.) 

For those of you who have already put together your plans for the year…

Even if you think you have your plans all wrapped up, do me a favor and check in to see … what really lights me up? What really doesn’t? What can I give myself permission to release? Allow? 

Finally, if any of you want more support with this whole topic, as I know it can feel overwhelming to release what’s familiar, we spent a bunch of time on this in last week’s Magnetic You workshop.

You can purchase the replay by clicking here!

Not only will you get clearer on choosing what is aligned with your soul and human design, you’ll also get access to your manifesting style, the four phases of manifesting, simple and soulful ways to balance masculine and feminine energies, and so much more!