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My intentions were good…

By April 5, 2021May 18th, 2021Choices, Energy

I had a plan…

I ordered a bunch of balloons, as I knew she’d go bananas when she saw them. Then I’d take her to Target to let her pick out some toys.

That’s what I had in mind for my daughter’s birthday. As predicted, she went crazy over the balloons. Joy oozing out of every smile, squeak and gesture her little body made.

I packed up her diaper bag, and we headed to the car for part two of my plan. At which point she made it very clear that she wanted to play in the backyard. 

I thought I’d let her play for a few minutes and then we’d go. But each time I tried, it became obvious that what she really wanted to do was what she was already having a blast doing. Playing in the backyard.

At some point in this process I realized that I had been prioritizing my plan over the goal, which was to create a fun and happy day for her. 

Instead of seeing that the goal was being achieved right in front of me, I was creating frustration for both of us by forcing my plan.

I brought our bags inside, and we played outside for hours. After the backyard she pushed her new grocery cart that my friend sent her all around the neighborhood. 

(Which, by the way, created giggles and smiles in everyone we passed.)

I shifted from thinking I should be doing more to make this day special to enjoying the magical simplicity of our day together.

(Because, yes, I’d also rather be outside than in Target!!! ???? )

While the details of your life may not include purple balloons and pink plastic grocery carts, maybe…

There’s a situation that you’re forcing?? 

You’re overly attached to the “how” of something?

You’re not seeing something that’s right in front of you (because the form is different than your goal/plan/idea)?

If yes, take a deep breath, and let it go. Allow yourself to play outside instead of forcing a trip to target, metaphorically speaking. 

(But also, for real lol – anyone else not a fan of target? Sometimes I feel like I’m alone in that one ???? .)