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We’re halfway around the sun!

By July 9, 2017August 7th, 2017Choices, Energy, Gratitude

We’re officially past the halfway mark of 2017, which makes this the perfect time of year to check in and see how the year is shaping up for you. To celebrate your wins, observe any blocks, and hit the release or reframe button if need be.

According to numerology, this year equals the number one (2+0+1+7 = 10 and 10 = 1), which means a brand spanking new start energetically. While that can be an amazing feeling, it can also result in some nudges from the Universe to heal and release that which isn’t serving us. Even if it feels like a struggle, it’s actually an invitation to up-level and eventually feel better and achieve greater results.

Here are some reflection questions you can use to set the second half of the year off to a great start and strong finish:

  1. What are you grateful AF for?
    What can you celebrate or acknowledge so far in 2017? We’re usually so quick to move on to our next desire that we don’t give enough thanks where thanks is due, including self.
  2. What feels good in your life? 
    What feels off (which you might be avoiding!)?
  3. Where are your behaviors aligned with your desires?
    Where are they unaligned? Alignment between thoughts and desires?
  4. Where do you feel stuck or behind schedule?
    Were your goals realistic or were you being an overachieving perfectionist? Has it been a long term pattern? What can you do differently going forward?
  5. What lights you up?
    How much of that have you experienced so far this year? What does that tell you, if anything? What’s holding you back from experiencing more of that, if anything? What commitment do you want to make?
  6. What/who needs to be forgiven? 
    A little shot of compassion, perhaps, which often involves self!
  7. What needs to be reframed or released?
    Maybe there’s a better approach…
  8. What do you want to create, receive, generate over the next six months? 
    What are your corresponding goals, intentions, commitments? What support do you need? What accountability do you need?
  9. What will it feel like when you they become a reality? 
    Invest some time feeling them as if they’ve already happened and visualizing them. 🙂 Have fun doing it!
  10. What else is coming up for you as you reflect on these questions?
    Honor whatever it is, whether it’s an emotion, a desire or a need. It’s all valid.