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More flow and less forcing

By December 22, 2020December 11th, 2022Energy, Moon

I’m excited to share something that dramatically shifted my energy levels and my ability to receive all kinds of gifts from the universe.

Birthing my daughter birthed this deeply feminine gatekeeper within me. She would NOT let me dabble in my former masculine-driven ways.

I felt lost and confused without them. I felt like I was failing at nailing it all. Balance felt like such illusion. And the thought of discipline felt like a guilt trip.

Consistently having the energy to work out, eat well, be present for my baby, work, sleep, keep up with the house, and have genuine connection with the people I loved felt impossible.

And then I remembered a practice I started experimenting with prior to my fertility journey and it changed EVERYTHING.

Today I am still energetically pinching myself over the results I’m feeling and experiencing.

I started doing more, but it didn’t feel like I was giving more effort. It actually felt like less effort.

My mind, body or spirit did not feel drained. I was enjoying everything more.

And things started flowing so easily, a degree of ease I never experience before.

I receive clear and instant guidance from the universe on a regular basis.

What did I do?

I started working with the natural ebbs and flows of my body’s energy levels. How I did that might sound a little woo at first, but it’s actually pretty practical in application.

When you pair your “doing” with your body’s natural rhythm, your whole life will shift. 


Doing intense workouts every week of the month isn’t honoring your body’s natural rhythm.

Eating the same amount of food each week isn’t honoring your body’s natural rhythm.

Expecting your energy levels to be the same each week isn’t honoring your body’s natural rhythm.

Expecting your creativity to be the same each week isn’t honoring your body’s natural rhythm.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. And maybe some of your own examples are coming to mind.

Women can get in tune with their body’s rhythms through their monthly cycle, which provides us with so many gifts when we learn how to receive them. 

I’m going to share the basics of this approach with you. And, if you don’t have a monthly cycle, don’t worry, follow the moon cycle!

Each of the four primary phases of our cycle (or the moon cycle) comes with specific energies and energy levels. 

You’ve probably heard of the four phases, which are menstrual, follicular, ovulation and luteal.

Menstrual (3-7 days long, associated with winter and new moon)

  • Our life force, energy, is low
  • It’s a “cleansing”, a time to be gentle with our bodies (e.g. restorative yoga)
  • It’s an intuitive time and a great time to reflect on what’s working, what’s not

Follicular (7-10 days long, associated with spring and waxing moon)

  • A great time initiate something new (projects, workouts, etc.)
  • Energy and creativity are high
  • An ideal time to do mentally challenging work

Ovulation (3-4 days long, associated with summer and full moon)

  • This is our “magnetic” time
  • Communication is strong and energy is high
  • It’s a great time to connect with your friends, family and community

Luteal (10-14 days long, associated with fall and waning moon)

  • This is our time for routine tasks, nesting, organizing, self-care
  • It’s a time to wrap up the details and bring things over the finish line
  • It’s a space of turning inward as our energy starts to dip

Using this wisdom, you can see that, for example…

Doing intense workouts during higher energy phases (follicular and ovulation) honors your body’s natural rhythms.

Starting a new project or a new workout program during your follicular phase honors your body’s natural rhythms.

Hosting that gathering (after COVID-19) during your ovulation phase honors your body’s natural rhythms.

Organizing that pantry during your luteal phase honors your body’s natural rhythms.

Diving into that creative project during your follicular and ovulation phases honors your body’s natural rhythms.

But, taking up a new intense workout routine during your menstrual phase might drain your system.

Organizing your closet when you’re in your ovulatory phase and creativity is pulsing through you might feel like torture.

Giving an intense public speech during your menstrual cycle might feel more draining than if you did it during your ovulation phase.

Obviously, we cannot perfectly align every activity to our cycle, but there are many ways we can. What’s coming to mind for you right now?

Personally, I’ve shifted a lot. For example, I’m now creating content during my follicular and ovulation phases. I edit and upload to systems during luteal. Anything house related (that doesn’t need immediate attention) gets moved to a to-do list for the week I’m in luteal phase. I catch up on most of my favorite tv shows during my menstrual phase. My intensity of yoga classes shifts throughout the month. And so much more.

You might also have noticed that as women we are not on a 24-hour cycle like men, but a 28-day cycle. 

And so, yes, balance is achievable within that cycle, especially when we honor our cycle. But our society is set up in a 24-hour masculine cycle. The more you can customize your life to honor your 28-day cycle, the more you will benefit.

Furthermore, when we are aligned with our bodies, and honoring our energy, we are automatically aligning with what it is we want to attract and receive in our life. We effortlessly become a more of a vibrational match.

What’s one way you can honor the natural rhythms of your body – one change you can commit to making today? 🙂