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Get next level cozy with your dreams

By January 24, 2021June 9th, 2021Energy, Happy to Heal

Today I’m sharing a tool to help you become next level comfortable with your desires.

Truth time…

Some of us are more comfortable with our desire being a carrot dangled in front of us than a carrot we just enjoyed and are peacefully digesting. 

For many reasons.

But one reason is that we are more comfortable with the adrenaline rush, the fight/flight pattern, that comes with not yet actually having the outcome we seek.

Meaning, the adrenaline rush of the desire feels more comfortable than the receipt of the desire. 

Unknowingly, we can re-create that little fight or flight sensation in other areas of our lives…because that’s what feels comfortable to us.

I became very aware of this when I was healing Hashimoto’s (a thyroid autoimmune disease). 

I was creating fight/flight patterns e v e r y w h e r e, without realizing it. 

With my gas tank (empty), my closet (messy), and with the big things too. 

Which, of course, stresses our bodies. 

This pattern is also connected to our root chakra, or our energetic safety center.

On some level, you might not feel super comfortable or safe having…

Your ideal body

Your ideal bank account

Your ideal relationship

Your ideal career

Your ideal house 

But we can easily begin to shift the energy around that.

So here’s your homework…

  • Bring to mind one thing that you’re in a cycle of self-sabotage or struggle with. 
  • Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself…

What it would feel like if it were safe to have….

The body

The savings

The love

The job

The home

  • Notice what comes up. Any thoughts. Any sensations in your body. Any responses from your body, like a sigh or a yawn, for example. (Those are signs of your body moving stuck energy.) 

Just by asking yourself this question, and feeling your way through it, you begin transforming the energy and elevating your level of consciousness related to it.

You lean into feeling more comfortable with your desire.

You lean closer into that desire becoming reality.

Bonus points…

Keep coming back to this question. Keep allowing yourself to lean deeper into the feeling of comfort related to your desire. Notice what begins shifting for you in your life.