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Reiki Is Too “Out There” For Me

By October 6, 2014December 28th, 2015Energy, Reiki

I get it. It was for me too. Five years ago I would never have guessed I’d be doing intuitive Reiki readings on clients. I would have called myself crazy (and not the fun kind of crazy that I admire in others).

But sometimes, if you release control, and let the winds of life blow you in a different direction, you’ll be pleasantly surprised where you land. That’s what happened to me. A few years ago I felt stuck. Big time stuck.

It wasn’t just my marriage that fell apart. It was also my career. All of a sudden the very thing I worked so hard for felt like a prison sentence. I couldn’t imagine being in the same career 10 years later. I also couldn’t imagine starting over.

I was in a major funk. And when that happens, you’ll open your mind to things you normally wouldn’t, as I did.  I put my skepticism aside and booked appointments with three healers/intuitives, recommended by three different friends. I took their recommendations as signs from the universe. And were they ever.

Those appointments were the beginning of my healing journey. And obviously the effects were so profound that through them I inadvertently found my calling. When I started doing Reiki on myself, my anxiety disappeared and I started sleeping soundly for the first time in my life. As I dove further into it, my intuitive and empathic abilities significantly increased.

Even though I was experiencing these massive benefits I was uneasy with how out there it seemed. I longed for a more traditional healing path but had already tried so many that never fully kicked my issues…some healthy, some unhealthy. Sleeping pills. Wine. Food. Shopping. Therapy. Anxiety meds. Yoga. Self-help books.

I see in many others the initial skepticism I once had around Reiki and energy work. (One devout Christian woman from Texas actually asked me if I was the devil. She went on to become one of my regular customers.) But many of them eventually get to a place where their desire to release the blocks in their lives overcomes their skepticism, like in my case.

That’s when the healing starts. During an intuitive Reiki session I can feel and see where someone is experiencing a disturbance or block in his or her energy field. Specifically seven energy centers called chakras, which each represent different areas of our lives (financial, creativity, sexuality, self-control, self-worth, self-power, self-expression, relationships and love, intuition, emotional intelligence, and connection with the divine). Using Reiki and other energy techniques, I release the blocks, enabling people to feel lighter and happier. I also share practices they can engage in outside of our sessions to help keep their energy high.

Where do the blocks come from? They can come from our thoughts, our emotions, experiences, relationships and more.

Throughout the day we all experience a range of emotions…happiness and joy…pain and suffering. None of us have the time to fully process everything we feel and experience in a day. We’re too busy rushing to the next meeting. So we let the snarky comment from the jerk in the meeting slide. Only it doesn’t really release by ignoring it. Little things like that, as well as big things, linger in our energy centers and create blocks. Those energy blocks translate to feeling blocks in life. Things aren’t flowing easily. Life feels like a struggle. Nothing is going your way. You might even get sick.

Our thoughts also affect our energy field. If we are engaging in negative self-talk (which we all do to some degree), it can impact our energy. When our energy is giving off that negative vibe, we’re basically inviting more negativity into our lives (law of attraction).

Sometimes we also intentionally block the good – the happiness – because it feels uncomfortable. We’re used to feeling crappy. So we don’t allow ourselves to fully feel the joy of something. We don’t feel worthy. It blocks us from inviting more good into our lives.

You don’t need to fall as low as I did to benefit from intuitive Reiki. You can also use this method to invite more positive and good into your life even if things are already going well! Personally I go to someone once a month to keep my energy flowing and happy.

Many of my clients are highly successful people who want a boost to help them propel into that next stage of their dreams. For example, I work with an opera singer who has me clear her throat chakra prior to performances. She wants to make sure nothing stands in the way of giving her best performance.

Now, of course, Reiki and energy healing no longer seem out there to me, as they’re a part of my daily life. Outwardly I am very similar to the person I was when I started this journey. I love a few bites of red meat. Having a glass of champagne with girlfriends is a blast – when I don’t have clients the next day :). Red lipstick and stilettos are awesome. So are yoga pants and Uggs. I still drop the occasional F-bomb as a stress reliever.

What’s different today is my happiness is higher, and I am more peaceful. My anxiety is gone. I channel energy and messages to clients during Reiki sessions instead of firing people and leading corporate restructures, like I used to do.

So the next time you feel down about something, or stuck, remember there is an alternative way of helping that will cost the same as (or less than) a facial but might have life-long effects. I get that the unknown can be scary. But when the unknown becomes less frightening than the thought of carrying around your same old emotional baggage for another day, you’ll know you’re ready to give it a try.


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