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Tidying Up is Magical in a Grounding Kind of Way

By January 27, 2021June 9th, 2021Anxiety, Choices, Positivity

Normally I talk about releasing our internal clutter but today I’m going to talk about the external clutter, (which definitely affects our internal well-being).

As much as we’d like to, we can’t create extra time … it’s out of our control. But we can, through our choices, cultivate more energy. 

Time became an even more precious commodity after my daughter was born. I developed a resentment towards house chores, especially ones that were a waste of time and energy. Like clutter. 

I found myself routinely de-cluttering the same areas of our house over and over and over and freaking over again, which was the last thing I wanted to be doing when I actually had a moment alone. 

Between my baby, my body still recovering, and my fur babies, I had nothing left to give to the clutter.

I was told by many to relax on my house standards while caring for an infant. But that wasn’t appealing to me… 

First, I can’t help it – my astrology charts basically confirm, I like sh*t tidy in my house! 

Second, my house is a supportive source of comfort, peace and joy for me. I wanted those supportive vibes as I adjusted to life with a baby.

I knew I had to find a way to better manage this clutter-struggle-cycle with three areas of our home: (1) the entry way into our master bedroom, (2) the entry way into our master closet, and (3) (my side) of the master closet. 

Today, I feel victorious in saying that those are no longer energy leaks for me. They have remained clutter free since my tidying-up intervention. ???? 

What did I do? 

I finally surrendered and read the The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Confession: I tried to read it years before, but thinking of “tidying-up” as magical literally gave me an energetic hairball in my throat chakra. Gag.

How could “tidying up” be “magical?” Magical makes me think of crystals and manifesting and fairies. But not de-cluttering. 

But in my moment of desperation, I dug back into the book and finished it. I learned that Marie is very into energy and gratitude, which helped me be a little more open minded. 

I’ll even admit, it was magical in a root-chakra, grounding, plugging energy leaks kind of way.  

Some of my favorite takeaways, which the Virgo in my chart is really excited to share with you, which I’m majorly paraphrasing…

Who knew I was folding and storing clothes inefficiently my whole life?! (Damn you, retail experience, for betraying me so badly). I was constantly having to refold piles because doing the whole fold ‘em big and stacking them flat method. Hello small folds standing up! Mind blown and master closet successfully transformed. (Don’t judge me if you already knew this lol!)

Before I share more, let me say, I am an empath, and you‘ll know you are too if the following makes perfect sense to you as well. And if not it’ll help you better understand the empaths in your life. 

It was the key to helping me heal the clutter struggle with the upstairs hallway closet and the entry way into our master bedroom. 

It also helped me eliminate the constant hunt for my wallet and keys. Which bag did I leave them in? My big bag? Little bag? Work bag? Diaper bag? Which diaper bag? It was a never-ending mystery.