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What’s Your Energy Telling You?

By August 5, 2014October 6th, 2014Chakras, Energy

Last week, as I lounged under the shade of a palm tree, taking in the image of the sun sparkling like millions of diamonds against the beautiful ocean, I plugged away at some work. Writing about how our root chakra looks muddy and sluggish when unbalanced, I pushed down the feeling I was describing my own root chakra in that very moment. How could that be? I’m in Maui! Nah…can’t be.

I know, I’ll go for a walk on the beach and ask for a sign! Off I went, continuing to push down the nagging feeling that my energy wasn’t balanced. That I wasn’t balanced. Walking ankle deep in the water, I was beginning to relax. Before I knew what happened, I had a heavy spattering of wet sand all over my thighs and hips. I looked over to a giggling little girl. Bulls eye, I’m sure she was thinking.

I quickly controlled my urge to scream at her (Nope, temptation to scream at a 5-year old stranger isn’t a sign that I’m off!). As I washed off in the water, I thought, WTF, here I am trying to receive a sign from the universe, and she has the audacity to throw mud at me!!!

Before the sand was fully washed off I was in hysterics. LMAO hysterics. The universe gave me a sign all right! Girl, your root chakra is complete mud, but you’re too stubborn to listen, so we’re going to throw mud at the physical area of your body representing the root charka…the hips and thighs… maybe then you’ll finally listen?

Once I did acknowledge it, I instantly started feeling better. By simply observing it, without getting attached to it, or racing about why, it started to release. I set an intention of a few things I could do that day to ground myself and kept walking. Twenty minutes later, feeling much lighter, I stumbled upon the stone in the picture below. Had I just acknowledged my icky feeling on the lounge chair, my walk could have been just hearts, not muddy sand. Another great reminder from the universe that life is much easier when we acknowledge what we feel instead of ignoring it.