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By February 14, 2017March 6th, 2017Energy, Moon

You may have read my blog from last week, Drop the struggle, Get more flow and energy, and thought, well, it’s great that there are certain times of the month that are ideal for managing my finances or getting in intense workouts, but what if I want to do those things more regularly than one week out of the month? What’s the best time to do them each week?

I have some more information to help you with that! In my yoga training, we learned that each day is connected with a specific planet, each of which provides specific energy. For example… The moon rules Mondays (emotions). Tuesday is connected to Mars (drive and energy). Wednesday is connected to Mercury (mind and communication). Thursday is connected to Jupiter (luck, growth, wisdom). Friday is connected to Venus (love and attraction). Saturn rules Saturday (fears, challenges, discipline). And finally, Sunday is related to the Sun (personality).

When I learned this I had flashbacks to those horrible Monday morning meetings when I was in the corporate space. It felt like no one wanted to be there, that everyones’ heads (even the top execs) were still in the weekend, or transitioning back into work, but definitely not in full working swing. It made perfect sense! Mondays are ruled by emotions!

I listened to a video by my Spirit Junkie sister, an astrologer, Danielle Mercurio, which further solidified my understanding of the energy each day provides.

So if, for example, you do want to get in an intense workout, or balance your books, or do something else, on a weekly basis, you can use the days of the week as a guide to help you understand energetically which are the most supportive for each of your tasks.

Here is what I learned from Danielle about each day (plus the fancy schmancy titles I assigned each day)! 😉

Moonday Monday  
(Moon) emotions, emotional, go light on this day, focus on getting settled for the week, don’t overload schedule, rules feminine

Take Action Tuesday     
(Mars) major boost of energy, lots of motivation and drive to accomplish tasks you’re most excited abut. Hit gym, do some kind of physical activity, work with people 1×1, get self out there, put goals, ideas forward, ACTION

Work It Girl Wednesday  
(Mercury) check off things on to-do list, administrative, paying bills, planning, mental state is focused and everything is easy to process

Thriving Thursday
(Jupiter) luck/prosperity, expansion, open sales cart, make sales, send out invoices, abundance day! Feel prosperous (thankful, trusting)

Flow with Passion Friday
(Venus) our day of love! Tap into creative flow. Play, do things you WANT to do. Do something different, play with new ideas, great day for collaboration too, team meetings, innovation, creativity

Get Shit Done Saturday   
(Saturn) structure, routine, running errands, work on hard/household tasks, cooking, laundry, get stuff out of way so you can rest or have fun the rest of weekend (morning: structure, later: surrender)

Sunday Funday  
(Sun) be fun, be playful, feeling energized, be excited about where you are and where you’re going

Now that you’re aware of the daily energies of the week, stop and notice where you might be forcing something on a day that isn’t energetically supportive. Like that Monday morning team building meeting. Maybe it’s better utilized on a Thursday?

Or, where you could maximize more from the daily energies.

Maybe you leave your to-do tasks/lists to Friday, but it always feels like a struggle, and you end up blowing it off. Maybe doing those things Wednesdays would serve you better.

Maybe now that you know Thursday is about luck, abundance, prosperity, you might move that big promotional launch for your business to Thursday instead of Friday.

What I’ve noticed is that the more I sync my activities with the days of the week, the less pressure I’m putting on my mind and body! Let me know what insights you have and what shifts you make! 🙂